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A Beautiful, Yet Functional, Custom Closet

Louisiana Custom Closets offers the homeowner, a level of luxury, comfort and convenience once unheard of. Whether your closets are very small or as large as a room, Louisiana Custom Closets can help you find a place for everything.

Our designers will come to your home and work directly with you to design a functional yet beautiful new closet. Although there are no tools that can magically enlarge your closets we will create the perfect closet system to squeeze every bit of useful space from them.

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Your Options

First things first. Do you fold or hang your clothes? Do you want to store your belongings behind doors or in drawers? Do you have a lot of shoes? Do you share you closet with your spouse? No matter what your requirements, Louisiana Custom Closets is here to help.

  • Floor vs. Wall Mount - For a true built-in furniture look, choose a floor mounted closet system. Wall mounted system allows you to vacuum beneath and easily replace carpeting.
  • Folding vs. Hanging - One of the first thing to ask yourself in designing your closet is how much space you need for folded clothes vs. those you want to hang.
  • Double Hanging - You’ll get twice as much space for shirts, blouses and pants by choosing a Double Hang configuration.
  • Long Hanging - You need to devote at least 10% of your closet to Long Hanging space for coats and dresses.
  • Triple Hanging - If your ceiling height allows you have the option of three levels of hanging for shirts, blouses and pants.
  • Drawers - Drawers add the look of luxury to your closet plus offer a private solution to help organize your clothes.
  • Cabinet Doors - One of the first thing to ask yourself in designing your closet is how much space you need for folded clothes vs. those you want to hang.
  • Shoes - Whether you choose flat shelves, slanted shelves or cubbies we can provide you with the space to organize and store your shoes.
  • Hampers and Baskets - Choosing a Hamper or Basket makes the most of your space while helping to keep your laundry off the floor and sorted.
  • Islands - An Island increases storage while providing “counter space” for folding clothes or a place to put your suitcase when packing.

Get Started on your New Custom Closet

Incredible Benefits of Custom Closet Design

With so many people living overwhelmingly busy lives these days, it’s no wonder that home organization is often put on the back burner. Without organization in your home, things can feel quite unmanageable at times. Jam-packed calendars, endless task lists, and the countless demands of jobs, school, and family are just a few of the important reasons that you need closet organization. Cluttered closets that are bursting at the seams and full of unsuitable storage solutions only contribute to the havoc and stress already present. Searching tirelessly for that favorite sweater or a pair of pants you know you just saw a week ago is both frustrating and maddening. Installing custom closets designed to meet the needs of your unique lifestyle will reduce pointless stress in your home or office and helps you focus on the more important things.

Closets Function For You

With Louisiana Custom Closets in New Orleans, “custom designed” means your closets will function how you want and need them to function. We know that while one closet may need extra clothing rods, another may need more shelving units. Our expert knowledge on how to maximize your closet space can really make the difference in expanding your storage capabilities. By prioritizing how you use your closet space, your home or office becomes much easier to maintain. Custom designed closets also means you don’t have to search for places to store items. A perfect, custom designed closet makes items available and easily accessible when you need them. When items are placed in the area designed for them, there is no more searching and digging. In addition, not only is finding what you need simplified, but tidy, well-organized closet space means you spend less time picking up misplaced items. It also translates into less clutter throughout your New Orleans’ home.

Personalized For You

Whether you’re a professional business person, avid traveler, athlete, or an outdoor enthusiast, our closet accessories ensure that your closet spaces are both personalized and organized. We make it easy to follow tips that help customize home closet space so that it works for all of your wardrobe needs. A closet filled with personalized closet accessories means a one-stop shop for finding all of the extra things you need to complement an outfit. In addition, adding closet accessories that reflect your lifestyle makes it simple to maintain a tidy space when life gets busy. Closet accessories allow you to group like-items together. For example, when you want to wear a scarf, having all of your beautiful scarfs in one location where they are visible and easy to reach is very convenient. Don't forget that if you are limited to space that accessories like hooks and knobs can be placed outside the confines of the closet or on the inside of closet doors to display jewelry or scarfs. Since most outfits are accessorized with at least one item, keep accessories, such as shoes, scarves, ties, and purses, at eye level where they are easy to reach.

Ease of Needed Space

While there are several important reasons to increase home closet space, having functional space in which to move around on busy mornings is convenient and makes life easier. Your wardrobe should work for you and not against you. If you find yourself staring into a space that is cluttered and upside down, maybe it's time you take control of your closet storage. Smart solutions are often needed when life is full of activities involving school, young children, and work. Our experts who specialize in closet design know kids are on the go and need simple practical solutions to staying orderly. For example, kids’ shower and bath times should not create chaos. Having bins or hampers where you can toss towels and bath items makes bathing and showering so much easier. With free estimates available and multiple options to choose from, Louisiana Custom Closets makes the process of custom closet design and installation as convenient and easy as possible for you and your family.

Organization Made Simple

Some people are born with a natural gift for organization while many others struggle with developing a system that makes the best use of the available space in their homes. Even natural-born organizers seek out tools and design systems to help them make the most use of their space. Multiple reasons, such as the addition of new family members, visiting guests, seasonal changes, downsizing, and more, are often to blame for closets that don’t function as you need them to. The good news is that for whatever reasons your closets are failing to meet your needs, by working with experts who specialize in making the most use of your available space, you can experience clutter free space that boasts endless storage possibilities. There are many smart reasons to invest in Louisiana Custom Closets. Whether organization is needed in one room or every room, there are multiple options and designs available for you to choose from. Shelving is one great option that offers the flexibility to add and take away as your needs change. If you have tall items, such as boots, your closet shelves can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes. With new closet design and our tips to improve closet organization, your space will soon be the envy of all your friends and family.

Maximize Space

No doubt about it, homeowners reap both organization and efficiency when bedrooms entail custom designed closet space. For homeowners who choose to downsize for one reason or another, bedroom closet space and storage is often a concern. Even smaller homes limited in size and in their number of bedrooms and closet space still have options available, such as adding a double or triple rod system to maximize the use of available hanging space. Closets should make your life more manageable and not add unnecessary stress and dread to your routine; this is regardless of the size of the home you live in. Louisiana Custom Closets has great ideas for smaller homes in need of organization and storage solutions.

Guests Love Spending Time in Your Home

With so many options and custom designs available, your guest room can be a home away from home for family and friends with smart planning and subtle changes. There are many simple ways to create the perfect guest room, and Louisiana Custom Closets can help turn this room into a place where both expected and unexpected guests feel comfortable and relaxed. From modular closet systems that offer functional clothing storage to writing desks for those business-minded guests, our experts are ready to offer ideas and solutions to make sure preparing for overnight guests requires minimum preparation.

Seasonal Storage Solutions

Since all seasons in New Orleans are not alike, keeping bedroom closets organized and neat requires strategic planning. Our professionals understand proper storage solutions that make it simple to store seasonal clothing. A change in temperature doesn’t have to remind you of the dreaded chore of reorganizing your wardrobe. With common sense solutions and long-term storage strategies, transitioning from season to season can be seamless and painless.

All clothes are not alike; therefore, all clothes should not be treated equal. To ensure your winter wardrobe survives through the summer, proper storage is critical. With proper planning and good organization, your winter items can be fresh and ready to wear when cooler temperatures arrive. Custom closets make storing your winter items a cinch and our designers at Louisiana Custom Closets in New Orleans are ready to explain the right storage systems. Our cool weather storage ideas are practical and will keep your space beautiful and organized. Our experienced designers know just the right questions to ask to gain a sense of your habits and wardrobe preferences for various seasons. This ensures smart storage solutions are suggested and your needed items are easily accessible.

Back to School Is a Breeze

Back to school often translates into a time for a lot of shopping. From new shoes to school supplies, you're probably bringing a lot of shopping bags into your home. Poor organization and closet design can be challenging when trying to make room for all of the new items. Kids can be messy and staying organized and having the right closet system is critical if you want an orderly space.

Double or triple hanging closet designs often serve as a solution to staying organized and ensuring your family is ready to start a new school year the right way. With an array of designs to choose from, installing custom closets from Louisiana Custom Closets is a great way to organize back to school closets. Adding shelf dividers is one way to help little ones keep items stacked neatly and in their designated place. Consider adding a small step stool so little ones can easily get to those hard-to-reach items when necessary. We understand that school shopping can drain one's finances, and our experts are here to help you choose a system that best fits your budget and keeps things running smoothly all school year long.

Improve Hallway Closets

Having a closet that is in the perfect spot, easily accessible, and organized can make getting out of the door a smooth process. Hallway closets located in the front or rear of your New Orlean’s home should be equipped to get you out the door and ready to face any kind of weather.

Unfortunately, hallway closets are often the most underutilized closets in many people’s homes. These indispensable spaces can serve many purposes, and our design experts are ready to share tips on the various smart ways to improve hallway closets. Once the purpose is determined, there are several options to choose from in order to make the best design for the available space. Hooks are your best friend for a closet that will be used to hang backpacks and everyday school items. The hooks should be placed where they are easy to reach and lighting should be adequate so the right items are chosen each day. A well-designed custom closet can make leaving home and returning home simple and effortless.

Dreams Really Do Come True

Our experts at Louisiana Custom Closets have a way of transforming dreams into reality and are ready to help you plan the closet of your dreams. With so many options available, it’s important to choose a great custom closet builder. Seeing your dream closet become reality should not cause stress and inconvenience of any kind. That’s why our team works to make sure the whole experience is pleasant and stress free.

It is our goal to make sure the finished closet will serve as a space that is full of beauty and elegance. Most importantly, we ensure that the space is personalized and functional to meet your needs. Try adding a rug to give your space texture and a boutique feel. An elegant chandelier can help ensure lighting is adequate while adding a special personalized touch as well. If nearby space is available, you may consider setting up a dressing area with seating and a mirror. The options are endless, and our experts want to be a part of making your dream closet a reality.

Easy Shoe Storage

Shoes are not cheap, and they are one of your most important accessories. Proper storage is key to making sure your shoes are wearable for many years. With normal wear and tear, shoes tend to take a lot of abuse. With age, humidity and aridity, their material can become quite delicate, making proper care and storage critical. There are multiple shoe storage solutions available when you are faced with the problem of too many shoes or lack of closet space to store them. Shoe organizers are available in a variety of materials and styles. Choosing the right organizer can help make shoes more visible and accessible when you need them. With the addition of a wood shoe tower or a wood shoe cabinet, you gain the benefits of wood closet organizers and an attractive design that is both classy and traditional.

Preserve Delicate Items

The holidays are the perfect time to gift yourself with additional storage space in the bedroom. This space can be used to store your delicate items, such as undergarments, lingerie and stockings. Dresser drawers and nightstands tend to get overcrowded with these special items. And in all actuality, they really deserve a place of their own. Unfortunately, it is common for many of these items to end up in the same drawer with t-shirts and jeans. It can be very satisfying to open a beautifully-organized drawer of lingerie. Properly storing these delicate items is key to preserving each item’s wow factor. Holidays are a time of gift giving, and a lingerie closet is the perfect personal holiday gift to add to your holiday wish list.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

For those who love to give good gifts, custom designed closets make great Christmas presents. So many gifts are short lived or enjoyed for just a brief period of time, but a custom designed closet is a gift that can be enjoyed all year long, year after year. The person on the receiving end will appreciate the exceptional storage and organization that custom closets bring to daily life. Multi-level shelving for shoe storage and perfectly designed drawer systems are just a couple of options most homeowners will enjoy. Holidays are even more special when you know you are giving gifts that will forever change the functionality of a home.

Endless Features

With so many features of home closet systems available, custom designed closets allow you to take organization to a whole new level. After choosing your design, finish, and accessories, your office or bedroom will become a welcomed retreat at the end of the day. Not only will your home feel more organized, but also with smart design, your usable space is amplified when you add custom closets in your home. Endless features also mean endless options to stay within your budget.

Finding the right closet system is easy when you have so many choices in styles, material, features and designs. With options of either a floor or wall mount design, our professionals make sure your space is efficient and functional. Coated metal shoe racks are affordable and practical. Our team of experts can help get you started to finding the right closet with just the right features so your closet and storage space are tidy and stress free. Once you have the perfect setup, our experts will suggest perfect lighting ideas, such as LED lighting that is motion activated to illuminate your gorgeous new space.

Lightens Stress and Anxiety

Organization prepares you for both the expected and the unexpected. Messes tend to create chaos, and when things are chaotic, stress and anxiety levels run high. Custom closets simplify storage while making your home more manageable and stress free. When there is no designated spot for items to be placed, space becomes cluttered over time. Adding shelves, baskets, racks and other closet accessories can help bring order and calmness to daily routines.

Adds Value to Your Home

Even if you never plan to move, installing custom closets in your New Orleans home will add instant value. It is an investment that benefits homeowners for many years, as well as those who may reside in your home in the future. Not only will custom closets add monetary value, but they will save you much time and effort by simplifying your life.

After creating and installing the perfect dream closet, there are several things you can do to ensure your space stays clean and organized. Group like-items together and color code each section. Keep extra hangers on hand as well so you can add newly purchased items immediately. Store your infrequently used pieces on the upper shelves and keep shelves at eye level for items that are used in everyday life. Periodically, go through and remove items you no longer have a use for to ensure your close doesn’t become a breeding ground for clutter ever again.