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Custom Closets make Great Christmas Presents!

Posted: Dec 17, 2013
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The Christmas Season is upon us here in Southern Louisiana! Houses and shops are lighting up in brilliant seasonal displays; holiday cheer is drifting wistfully from speakers across every storefront and car radio, and the smell of fir trees hangs gently in the air all through the town. The true spirit of the season is spreading across our state like a warm and gentle fog, inspiring a strong sense of community and feelings of joy in every household.

The Christmas spirit is all about giving, and selecting the appropriate gift for loved ones can often be difficult.  A gift should be something that displays a level of caring which surpasses expectation and leaves the recipient with delight and gratitude.  In some cases, the gift can be beneficial not only to the receiver but likewise to the giver.  In the case of a custom closet makeover, this is undoubtedly true!

This special Holiday Season, Louisiana Custom Closets has the perfect gift for any household - a beautifully crafted, handmade closet designed to fit the specifications that give people the organizational flexibility they need and want for Christmas.

Here are six customizable features that can be implemented in every closet space:

  • A variety of colors:  Pear, Mahogany, Maple, Almond, Cherry and White.
  • Custom configuration:  Easily configure hangers and shelves for long hanging articles, folding shelves, or double and triple stacked hanging areas for maximum use of space.
  • Cabinets and drawers:  Beautiful handmade cabinetry and drawers add an accent of class and composure to a personalized preparation palace.
  • Hand built shoe racks:  When shoes are not on the owner, they should be off the floor.  Choose flat or slanted shelves, or cubby style storage for your selection of footwear.
  • Islands:  These can be extremely useful when deciding what to wear.  Use an island as a sorting OR folding table, or just to set a cell phone or purse down while getting ready.
  • Hampers and Baskets:  Never throw dirty or worn garments on the floor!  This creates clutter and brings a touch of disorganization to a closet space.  Instead, have a custom matching hamper or basket to keep used items organized.  The underneath of an island makes a great place for hampers and baskets, and keeps them out of awkward corners.

For that yuletide gift that is sure to impress, and improve the use of any space, call Louisiana Custom Closets and enjoy a lasting work and storage space that will forever change the functionality of a home, as well as convey the motive of holiday cheer to the ones you love!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Louisiana Custom Closets!