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Customize Your Home for Form and Function with LCC's Garage Storage Systems

Keeping a clean home seems to get more and more difficult with each passing year. Between holidays and yard decor, birthday parties and Christmas boxes, it feels as though the clutter builds higher and higher. Attics, laundry rooms, and pantries are vital to both maintaining your sanity and your available storage space. Perhaps most importantly, not having a strong garage organization system will ultimately break down your attempts to create harmony and order. Over-the-counter cabinets and garage shelving will certainly provide you with a basic method of clutter control, but the true metric of organizational success is found in designing a space that is both elegant and essential.

How Garage Organization Simplifies Your Life

Storage should always be about your needs, and never anyone else's. Using the right garage storage systems allow for numerous modifications as your family changes and your personal needs grow. Cutting down on time spent rummaging through dusty boxes and cobwebbed plastic tubs helps to retain the precious little time you have to spend on everything that matters most.

Simplifying your garage organization system will ultimately simplify your very way of life. By focusing less on digging and cleaning, you can hone in on your passions and dreams. To speak with a professional designer of garage storage solutions, call Louisiana Custom Closet's office and manufactory now at 985-871-0810.

Garage Shelving for the Smaller Home

Many people assume that smaller homes and garages lack the ability to be affordably upgraded with storage, but this is simply not true. In fact, many homeowners have discovered that more limited spaces offer a cleaner and more streamlined structure for designing garage organization options. Smaller spaces are also excellent ways to display your individual tastes that wow your family and friends. Louisiana Custom Closets is known to never back down from a challenge, combining our innovative designs with your personalized touches.

  • LCC's custom-built shelving and cabinets are made from an incredibly lightweight and durable substance called melamine. Used in dishware and other heavy-use items, melamine adds just the right amount of class and strength to all garage storage systems.
  • Need a place to keep your tools? LCC has your back, delivering custom wall mount storage options and workbenches for even the most restricted spaces.
  • Louisiana Custom Closets is proud to work as an authorized dealer of the Rubbermaid FastTrack system, a revolutionary garage storage option that outperforms all competition. The powerful steel construction of these rails allow them to support weight capacities up to 1,750 lbs. What's more, FastTrack offers a plethora of shelving and garage cabinet additions that are nearly one hundred percent customizable. Simply snap your FastTrack accessories onto the rail to begin utilizing your garage in all the ways you need most.

To schedule a free design consultation and get a quote from one of our team members, give us a call or use our simple contact form.

Garage Cabinets Enhance Your Home's Value

Looking to sell your home now or in the near future? Invest in quality home upgrades such as garage storage systems that do more than just sit pretty and tantalize potential buyers. In fact, homeowners who put in the effort to customize their garage space can expect to recoup nearly 64% of the initial cost at resale. This provides a higher ROI than both bathroom and sunroom upgrades.

Rely on Louisiana Custom Closets For Your Unique Garage Storage Solutions

When you're ready to redesign your home with some holistic garage organization, accept help from no one but the best in the industry. Serving all residents surrounding Covington, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the Gulf Coast for years with professional experience and integrity, Louisiana Custom Closets makes it our mission to enrich the lives of every customer we work with. Our revolutionary approach to customer service always begins with the customer, and never with convenience.

Each of our custom projects is completed from start to finish with your unique needs in mind. To maximize your investments, LCC utilizes revolutionary CAD and 3D imaging to recreate your garage space down to the last detail. Our team of manufacturers and professional installers will jump into action once you give your final approval, never taking more time than is necessary to give you full privacy during your storage remodeling process. LCC believes in exceeding all expectations, which is why our service professionals always perform a cleaning sweep of your new garage shelving space to ensure you can begin enjoying your investment as soon as you are ready.

Get a glimpse of what your new garage storage solution could be today by scheduling an in-home consultation or by visiting our main office in Covington, LA now. 

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