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LCC's Best Tips For Optimized Closet Design Space

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The fantasy of more closet space is a daydream we all have once in a while. From walk-in closets to His and Hers installations, the possibilities of these spaces are simply endless. However, it may not always be economical or practical to upgrade closet spaces so drastically. It seems like the dream of compact yet vast closets must forever remain a dream.

Or must it?

Louisiana Custom Closets has worked with hundreds of clients over our twenty-year history, maximizing storage space through a number of unique closet designs. Small closet space doesn't need to be disastrous for homeowners, and neither do they need to disrupt organization. In fact, with the right tools and a little elbow grease, homeowners can learn to maximize their closet space using custom closet design.
 Our designers will come to your home and work directly with you to design a functional yet beautiful new closet. Although there are no tools that can magically enlarge your closets we will create the perfect closet system to squeeze every bit of useful space from them.

The Top Closet Designs For Maximized Space

When it comes to custom closet design, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Maximizing your closet storage space can be done in a myriad of different ways, styles, and methods. Below are some of the most popular tips for optimizing smaller, more limited closet spaces.

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  • Additional Racks: Many of us are accustomed to having only one rod or rack across the top of the closet. However, what you lack in depth you can make up for in width! Have multiple clothing racks installed, staggering clothing layers in a stylish, yet functional display.
  • Accessory Drawers: Jewelry pieces, cuff links, and other accessories can quickly take up counter space, especially in smaller closets. Free up more space and get more organized by installing hidden accessory drawers in your household closets.
  • Folded Clothing Cubbies: If there isn't enough room to let your entire wardrobe hang freely, consider investing in a floor-mounted cubby system. Separated into smaller portions, homeowners quickly locate and store clothing items without the hassle of pulling them out of deep storage.
  • Shoe Hangers: Get shoes off of the closet floor and ready to go by installing shoe racks behind the door of your closet. More floor space will allow for greater storage capacity (and more organization)!

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Working with the closet space you already have can be a challenge, but what if the space itself simply won't cut it? Louisiana Custom Closets has the answer. We maximize, optimize, and reenergize closet spaces using specialized designs vetted by some of the best technicians in Louisiana. Our team is prepared to graph, manufacture, deliver, and install your custom closet design both on-time and on-budget. Home renovations have never looked so good!

Take the stress out of space organization and start designing your future by partnering with the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets.

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