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Closet Systems

Give Yourself the Gift of Organization with LCC's Customized Closet Systems

Discover the closet storage solutions you've only ever dreamed of and allow yourself the opportunity to think big with functional, fashionable, and affordable storage solutions for homeowners all throughout Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Serving hardworking homeowners for over fifteen years with expertise, skill, and pride, Louisiana Custom Closets is your trusted local closet builder delivering closet systems for any use, need, and style. Our extensive experience with customized closet systems allow our highly trained team of designers, manufacturers, and installation professionals to deliver the quality results you need to keep your home exactly the way you want it. LCC is passionate about treating our friends and neighbors with extreme care both before and after the installation process. To speak with a local designer about the projected time, cost, and installation processes of LCC's customized closet systems, reach out to one of our offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Covington now.

How are Customized Closet Systems Better Than Regular Closets?

Many people erroneously believe that storage is all about where you put your things. This is simply not true. A legitimate closet space complete with unique accessories, functions, and easy access is one of the best ways to keep your home clean and clutter free all year round. In fact, the more access you have to your clothing, shoes, seasonal decorations, and other stored items, the easier your life will become.

Unlike quality closet systems, a regular closet will only fit the needs of one or two members of the household. Basic wire or wooden shelving, tight corners, and limited hanging racks often force homeowners to purchase unappealing cabinets and side shelves for extra space. These additional storage objects are highly unappealing and scatter your belongings all throughout the home, minimizing your peace of mind and wasting your precious time.

Worse, regular closets are considerably outdated, especially by modern standards. Older closet systems limit your opportunities to curate a colorful wardrobe, fold your weekly laundry, and just plain keep organized. Taking the time to update your storage spaces with custom closet systems not only creates an incredible opportunity for managing your daily tasks, but cuts down on the labor necessary to get and keep your items safely in storage.

Benefits of Closet Accessories in LCC's New Closet Systems

A brand new closet system is an exciting thing, but the myriad of additional options, premium accessories, and colorful finishes can make a huge difference in the overall function and appearance of your storage area.

Investing in even one or two unique additions for your modernized closet systems are a great way to lock your clutter out of sight and make the most of your living space. Some of our favorite closet accessories include:

  • Our state-of-the-art valet rods are just the thing for holding layered outfits, tailored suits, and daily accessories that need to be on hand fast. To keep your final design cohesive and tasteful, LCC offers chrome, satin, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes for all customers.
  • Your jewelry says a lot about who you are, which is why investing in a specialized jewelry rack or organizer may be the perfect solution for housing your most precious accessories. Accenting your outfit just got a lot simpler (and stylish).
  • Piles of socks and undergarments got you down? Installing some sleek, high-class baskets into your new closet isn't just a great way to solve your laundry woes, but they may save you more than a few headaches down the road.

Is there something that piques your interest that isn't on the list? Louisiana Custom Closets offers dozens of solutions for the individual needs that you and your closet systems require at any point in the design process.

Let Louisiana Custom Closets Deliver An Unparalleled Closet System Today

Your home is far more than just a place to live: it's a space to truly and sincerely call home. That's why we at LCC pursue nothing but excellence for all our clients, no matter what their storage dreams may be.

Take the first step towards breathing life into your outdated closets by calling or visiting us at Louisiana Custom Closets in our main office in Covington LA. Stop putting off all the things that matter most to you by trusting LCC with your closet systems today.