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New Closet

Design a New Closet That Works For You and Not Against You

Love them or hate them, closets are some of the most foundational aspects of your home.

Storage spaces create an area for organization, separation, and idealization that provide the opportunity to greatly enhance your personal lifestyle: free from unnecessary stressors or burdens. Unfortunately, older, outdated closets or primitive storage solutions may do the opposite of this, hindering you from feeling the freedom that proper storage provides.

That's why the professional team here at Louisiana Custom Closets is so passionate about delivering the very best in closet systems, accessories, designs, and solutions. Our fifteen years of unparalleled experience has taught us that settling for less than perfection is never enough, constantly spurring us onward to design a new closet for every kind of home, customer, and stylistic taste. See for yourself how we can manufacture your new closet by visiting our main office and manufactory in Covington LA during our business hours.

How LCC Can Manufacture Your Custom New Closet

Louisiana Custom Closets is careful to follow all guidelines related to the proper construction and installation of your newest home storage solution, employing team members from all across the state with a passion for treating your home as well as you do. Our on-site crew members are obsessed with making your LCC experience the best it can be, streamlining the entire process from start to finish.

  • When you first arrive at or call our office, you will be immediately treated with the best southern hospitality this side of the Mississippi.
  • Our designers believe in complete and total accuracy, which is why all design sketches are professionally drawn using state-of-the-art CAD equipment.
  • You don't have to be on the outside looking in while we complete the manufacturing of your new closet materials. Our 3/4 inch (10.16 cm) thick shelves and partitions come in five spectacular finishes: bright white, calming almond, regal maple, sophisticated cherry, and stately mahogany.
  • LCC strives to ensure that your new closet installation will take a day or less, dramatically cutting down the time spent in your home verses other competitors. All installation team members will wear protective booties, which eliminates the risk for scuffs, bumps, and scratches that may occur while objects are being moved.

Louisiana Custom Closets has been the answer for hundreds of clients all through the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Covington and Gulf Coast areas. No need to just take our word for it. After all, we believe that the caliber of our work truly speaks for itself. Discover some of our past projects and get some new ideas for your dream space now.

The Many Problems Solved By Installing a New Closet

It's no secret that an older closet can cause a large amount of problems for homeowners, but the extent of these concerns may be far more vast than what you initially believe.

In fact, poorly designed or outdated closet spaces account for an incredibly large number of common household problems, including:

  • Bad lighting or visibility
  • Pest infestations, including case-making clothes moths and other destructive infiltrators
  • A high probability for disorganization and cluttered rooms
  • No spaces for hats, belts, scarves, and other unique items

Eliminate your risk for these issues and beyond by scheduling a design appointment with LCC today.

A New Closet Makes a Difference Even in Larger Homes

There are many benefits to installing a new closet, from physical support and mental peace to economical factors and increased home value. However, it is widely thought that larger homes with spacious rooms don't need a custom new closet design because of the amount of square footage already on the property. Unfortunately, this mindset keeps hundreds of cluttered, unaccessible, and underused closets from becoming transformed into a new closet that exceeds all expectations. Large houses don't always have the space necessary for properly containing and organizing a resident's unique items and personal belongings, putting financial strain and personal frustration on the owner.

Decent storage and proper closet solutions should be available to every family and residence regardless of the size of the house. That's why we at LCC work every day to create luxurious and affordable options for customers in any home.

LCC is the King of the New Closet — Guaranteed!

This year, it's time to get rid of your old, outdated storage spaces and design the stylish new closet you have always dreamed of.

Let's tackle your closet system together to create a new closet that surpasses all else. For more details and to speak with a helpful staff member, call any one of our main offices today. Your new closet will be our passion project.