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Laundry Rooms

Fuel Your Imagination with Custom Laundry Room Organization for Every Home

The foundation of every organized life begins with some organized spaces. Like the heart of the body or the fireplace of the home, having proper laundry room organization is at the center of your daily operation and proper function. Decrease your stress and open new possibilities with Louisiana Custom Closet's custom laundry rooms, offering a unique style and presentation for every kind of homeowner.

The Fundamentals of Laundry Room Shelving

Contrary to popular belief, simply increasing the number of shelves in your laundry room won't always create the outcome you or your family truly needs. In fact, improperly installed shelves may even reduce your efficiency. Cluttered shelves, haphazard or cheap cabinets, and folding boxes are no match for a truly custom design.

When beginning the initial stages of laundry room development, consider the needs, activities, and final look of the room. How often do you want to use your laundry room? How many loads of clothing do you wash in a week, and how many of those will need special treatments or product application? Many homeowners enjoy using their laundry rooms as an additional closet or pantry area, adding in extra custom cabinets or shelving to support their unique needs.

Instead of making laundry rooms an afterthought, allow your imagination to run wild with hundreds of laundry room shelving options available to you through LCC.

Unique Types of Laundry Room Shelving

Shelves don't need to be boring or blase to be functional. Explore your laundry room organization options by assessing the overall beauty and function of the LCC shelves that can be custom-built just for you.

  • Hanging or nail-less shelves are the perfect option for homeowners looking for the fine line between decor and functionality.
  • Hanging shelves that connect to a larger shelf beside your washer and dryer units can be excellent solutions for smaller or more limited spaces.
  • Shelving areas with a clothing bar can hold dirty, clean, and even specialized clothing. Not only does this help you to separate delicate articles from one another, but it can free up other surfaces in the laundry room for more pressing needs.
  • Cabinets are a great way to keep bleaches, detergents, and dryer sheets safely stored and out of sight.

The Benefits of Personalized Custom Laundry Rooms

Beyond the importance of laundry room shelving, custom designing your laundry room with your family's needs in mind is a great way to streamline both your itinerary and your lifestyle.

  • LCC's custom-built melamine shelving and cabinets help ensure that your final room design will be lightweight, durable, and shockingly stylish.
  • Wire shelving keeps your products up high and off of your floor, enabling you to take advantage of every inch of space. What's more, storing your laundry and other important essentials on wire shelving can combat unwanted pest infestations such as bed bugs and fleas.
  • To help you reduce piling and unnecessary wasted space, our design professionals offer specialized storage for ironing boards, laundry hampers, and more.

To speak with a professional regarding your options for custom laundry rooms, call your nearest Covington, New Orleans, or Baton Rouge office location now.

Unlock Your Laundry Room Organization Potential with Louisiana Custom Closets

Customizing your life shouldn't be hard. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you love, having access to the transformative power of customized organization can serve as a powerful catalyst for change and inspiration in your day-to-day life. Keeping your mind on task and your heart on your goals not only defines who you are, but it illuminates who you will become. That's why Louisiana Custom Closets is dedicated to bringing all homeowners in the state the ability to dream, design, and deliver transformative custom laundry rooms right to their door.

Unlike national brands or large scale franchises, Louisiana Custom Closets is proud to be run by staff who know the ins and outs of the business. Involved in each step of the design and building process, we at LCC have a manufacturing facility right by our office in Covington LA. We understand that our final product is part of your dream home, which is why we only use the finest quality hardware to complete your projects with shelving, cabinetry, garage spaces, and so much more.

Passionate about supporting the local economy, the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets make it their mission to sell an incredible product to incredible people at an incredible price. After all, having a strong and solid warranty should be a necessity, not an afterthought.

To schedule a consultation with a professional designer, call our main office and factory at 985-871-0810. Discover why so many people trust Louisiana Custom Closets to bring their dreams to life today.

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