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4 Great Ways to Organize the Back to School Closets from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Aug 10, 2017
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Summer is speeding by and school will begin again very soon. For most parents, the busy schedule is fast approaching, and now it is time to buy the kids new school clothes. Along with all the favorite clothes, new ones will be bought and the closets will fill up fast. It is a yearly challenge for many homeowners across NOLA, Louisiana and Southern Mississippi to find the organization and the functional space.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help parents with an array of designs and the building of the perfect custom closet spaces so that all the clothes and related items are organized and ready for the fall season. Although it is time to buy new stuff, the question is; where does it all go? Organizing the closets becomes essential and critical, and it is time to select the right closet system that best fits the budget. Our team of experts has the right choices in every situation.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers four great ways to organize closets for those back to school clothes:

  • Closet designs: We can design the perfect closet space for any home, with many options, and at the right price points. Wall or floor mount closet space brings functionality and can be the perfect choice for parents and kids alike. Wall mounting makes cleaning simple and easy. We can create the space that looks built in and can add those budget friendly add-ons that can make the difference.
  • Folding and hanging: There are always popular options for storing clothes, like folding or hanging. We offer great storage and closet options for both, custom designed for the space available in every home. These options include double hanging closets and even triple hanging options to utilize the available space in all homes.
  • Drawers: In addition to hanging clothes, we can also custom design the perfect drawers for clothes that can be folded and stored out of sight.
  • Shoes: Shoes take up a lot of room, and our team knows that kids can have a lot of shoes. Louisiana Custom Closets have great ideas for organizing and storing all kid’s shoes. These storage options include open shelves, flat shelves, slanted shelves, and cubbies. Our storage designs will maximize the space available for the best storage options in all homes.

Organizing the back to school closet for the new school year and put the smile back on everyone’s face. On a busy school and work morning everyone will appreciate the organization we provide with our efficient closet upgrades. Call us for a free in-home estimate and custom design the best storage solutions and closets for any sized home.

Louisiana Custom Closets offer the perfect storage solutions for every home. Call us today 985- 871-0810 for a free in-home estimate and you can visit our online photo gallery for more custom closet and storage solution ideas. An well-organized wardrobe, with simple and durable budget friendly space, can really make the difference. We are the local experts, close to home, and we can make it happen! Call us today!