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Dream Closets Six Ways with Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: May 29, 2013
Categories: Custom Closets
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For many of us here in Louisiana, the closet is a place that is sometimes feared and often avoided.  Disorder usually is in order in many closets, and this makes for unhappy places to visit, turning finding what you need into the worst parts of the day.  A full closet makeover can change a everyone’s outlook on fashion, personal style, and organization. A little order and organization can go a long way to make life easier and more enjoyable.

For any custom closet design or storage makeover and upgrade, look no further than Louisiana Custom Closets.  With almost a decade of experience, the team at Louisiana Custom Closets can improve any space and make it more storage friendly; whether it is a closet, pantry, garage or office!  There are several strategies to create new storage while keeping a room relatively uncluttered.

Here are six examples of improvements that Louisiana Custom Closets can make to closets, home storage spaces, or offices:

  • Wall Mounted Storage.  By mounting storage on the wall, floor space is conserved for things like shoes or bags, or just making it easier to clean or vacuum areas.
  • Double and Triple Hanging.  Why only utilize your vertical space for one row of shirts or blouses?  Double or even triple hanging configurations make the best of vertical storage while greatly reducing wasted closet space.
  • Drawers.  The master craftsmen at Louisiana Custom Closets can design a custom drawer and hanger system to fit any specifications. Any type of wood can be used to create beautiful and stylish storage that amplifies the look and available space of any room.
  • Custom Cabinetry.  Cabinets can add a refined look within a closet.  Handcrafted cabinet designs look beautiful and elegant within any area. Glass front cabinets let you see what you’re looking for easily while still adding a chic look to your space and place.  But we’re not limited to just closets!  We can install custom cabinets in any room of a home or office!
  • Islands.  Having an island in the closet (if the space is large enough to do so) can make folding and sorting much easier, and adding storage underneath for extra hangers or even a slide out hamper is a good idea.
  • Item Specific Storage.  For ideal utilization of all spaces, custom storage for things like shoes, handbags, ties, jewelry, sunglasses and anything else can be designed and integrated to keep everything organized and sorted for easy selection.

Don’t let the closet be a place of disorder and anxiety any longer!  Contact the expert team at Louisiana Custom Closets today to design and install your dream closet, so you can start getting ready in style and looking your best for every occasion!