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4 Benefits of Adding a Custom Closet to Your Holiday Wish List

Posted: Dec 3, 2014
Categories: Custom Closets
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The biggest holiday of the year in Louisiana is Christmas Day and it is rapidly approaching. Did you get your Christmas Tree yet? Santa is heading for the chimneys in about three weeks! On Christmas morning under the tree, one of the most popular gift items found are fancy undergarments. If the master bedroom’s closet space is full of this type of apparel, Louisiana Custom Closets offers top-quality storage solutions that will keep these delicates in order and in place.

This holiday season consider adding a custom lingerie closet to your bedroom’s wish list. In our usually temperate climate of southern Louisiana and Mississippi, all of us enjoy soft, quality clothing to keep us cool. Soft and thin fabrics such as silk, satin, nylon, and high-quality cottons are always preferred. However, just throwing these fabrics into a drawer may cause catches, pills and pulls that are damaging. Instead, ask for a beautiful lingerie closet system where all these items will be found quickly and they'll have their own rightful place in the closet.

Louisiana Custom Closets shares the following four benefits for closets intended for delicates and storage:

  • Using our elegantly styled custom closets, dresser space will be freed up.  All your small items such as hose, undergarments, and socks can be stored in a beautiful chest with lingerie drawer organizers.
  • All your intimate items will be kept in one place in the lingerie closet. No more hunting through drawers to find a particular pair of socks or panty. Every item will have its place.
  • Lingerie closets are designed specifically for undergarments. The chest drawers are small and not as deep so that everything is in a single layer. That makes it easier to find things. Put all of your whites in one drawer and all your colors in another drawer.
  • We have numerous designs and colors to choose from at Louisiana Custom Closets and any one of them will enhance your closet space.

So, this year, ask for a gift from Santa that's really special. Having your own custom closet for all of your personal clothing will be rewarding for years to come. Louisiana Custom Closets is committed to making your lifestyle more comfortable and enjoyable. Give one of our offices in New Orleans, Covington, or Baton Rouge a call today to schedule a free in-home consultation for your new closet.

We wish you the best holiday season and one filled with the joy and peace of family and friends.