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3 Shoe Storage Solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Mar 4, 2015
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Everyone loves shoes. In fact, most people have quite a collection. Now, we have a question for our shoe friends across Southern Louisiana. Are shoes cluttering up the closet floor? Often, as one of the most common items in a bedroom closet, shoes wind up in a spilled pile on the closet floor. A shoe organizer from Louisiana Custom Closets will help make your shoes and closet more organized and accessible.

Did you know that the average woman owns 17 pairs of shoes? Of those 17 pairs of shoes, approximately three pairs are worn on a regular basis. Women tend to purchase shoes that match an outfit or two. There is often a lot of thought into buying a nice pair of shoes. It is important to put some additional thought into closet organization and getting those pairs of shoes off the floor, increasing closet space and making the closet attractive and more functional. Louisiana Custom Closets has been making shoes and other clothing items more accessible for years complete with modern functionality and organization.

Louisiana Custom Closets has several storage options to choose from, and it is all about choice; imagine one of these three popular shoe organizers in the bedroom closet:

  • Coated Metal Shoe Rack:  This is one of the least expensive shoe organizers and quite practical. It's a metal rack coated in white or black that's durable and dust-free. It's nailed onto the wall and comes in different sizes. The bars are slanted to hold each pair of shoes. It has a nice, clean look and it is very easy to see each pair of shoes.
  • Wood Shoe Tower:  A simple design that consists of slots for shoes or other small accessories such as hats, mittens, and scarves. The wood is usually natural or painted in simple white, but can be painted any color to match the room. The tower also comes in various sizes from a skinny 10-slot tower, or something larger for upwards of 30 pairs of shoes.
  • Wood Shoe Cabinet:  For elegance and strong visual appeal, a wood grained cabinet is a very good choice. This “cubby” comes in various sizes and can be made with a large open compartment on the bottom for larger boots and stacked heels.

With different choices of shoe organizers available, we offer the opportunity to get shoes out of the floor pile and sitting pretty in their own spaces.

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