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3 Closet Organization Ideas That Can Really Make the Difference

Posted: May 13, 2016
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Closet Organization ToolsOne of the many points that our expert design team at Louisiana Custom Closets has learned over the years when providing quality service is that is that every closet and every home are different. Some closets are rectangular or square shaped, and offer great organizational potential for Louisiana homeowners; but this is not the case for all homes. Some closets have an awkward or odd shape because of room size and design, and some closets are too shallow and narrow to store all the clothing and related items that need to be organized in the average closet. A custom closet is a key variable for expanding storage capability.

No matter the shape, size, or height of the closet space, Louisiana Custom Closets can create an organization system for home and business!

When it comes to organizing closet, these three simple organizers can make the most difference in every type of space:

  • Clothing rods: Many people complain that their closets are small and they don’t allow proper clothing storage. Integrating extra clothing rods into a closet can drastically increase storage space.
  • Shelving units: In Southern Louisiana homes, closets have some areas where clothes cannot hang. The space is not being properly utilized. Simply add shelving units to any open space not directly storing clothes. This important addition allows for storing a variety of necessary items such as jewelry, ties, and scarves.
  • Cube organizers: Everyone has seen cube organizers and many homeowners love the idea of using them in many storage situations. Many homeowners just aren’t sure of the best way to use them. Cube organizers are used to store miscellaneous items and they work well in many situations.  For instance, all miscellaneous dog toys go into one cube, or all easily accessed office supplies go into another cube. This type of simple organization is perfect for hiding these everyday items that do not need to be in view.

It is never easy to plan and reorganize closet space. Custom closets can really make the difference in properly storing a wide variety of items, from casual clothing, to suits and dresses. Call us today for the guidance to improve storage. We simplify garage and laundry organization as well, so contact the expert design team at Louisiana Custom Closets today.