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4 Smart Ways to Improve Hallway Closets from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Jan 16, 2019
Categories: Closet Systems
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Many of us across New Orleans, Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi have experienced heavy rains from tropical storm Harvey and other storms over the past year, and there always be more rain to come. Having an organized storage closet in the hallway, entryway or mudroom can make everything easier as we head in an out the door in any kind of weather.

Louisiana Custom Closets provides great custom closet solutions for every homeowner in the region. Walking into the house with wet jackets and shoes can be bothersome so state the least. Having a place to put these items is extremely helpful in any entryway, hallway or a mudroom. The entrance way hallway closet can be the most important closet in the home. A organized closet system that accommodates both clothes and the weather just makes sense for every member of the family.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers these four strategies that will help turn a front or rear hall closet into a problem free and organized storage solution:

  • Decide the entry closet’s purpose: At times, it might not be easy to do, but it is important to decide on the closet’s primary purpose. In a hallway, entryway or mudroom, decide exactly what is needed. One important consideration is how the closet serves family and guests. Adding simplicity, like a counter-like shelf and wire baskets create flexibility.

  • Choosing custom closet options: Here at Louisiana Custom Closets, we offer many options for closet designs. Assessing what the best design is for the available space is a start. Our design team will come to any home and give a free estimate; just call one of our offices. After this consultation, we will create several designs that the client can choose from that addresses both organization and space.

  • Floor and wall mounts closets: Wall mounted systems may be an ideal solution when vacuuming and cleaning up are a priority. Other options can include flat to angled shelves, and cubbies for organizing small items and shoes.

  • Hanging versus folding: Of course, having a place to hang up wet jackets and dry shirts is great, yet the addition of adding drawers to closet space is an important consideration too. Our team can add the perfect drawer system that will be ideal for storing anything and everything is the new closet space.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help all homeowners in the NOLA, Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi area with custom closet and storage needs. Call us at (985) 871-0810 for a free in-home estimate and check our photo gallery for more closet and storage solution ideas.