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Posted: Oct 10, 2017
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This Halloween Season is the perfect time of year to install a new custom closet or custom pantry in the home. There are many scary good reasons this time of year for all homeowners in the NOLA, Louisiana and Southern Mississippi area to consider a custom closet or pantry. October is often the best time to plan organizing and storage as we head to Christmas and the New Year! Improvements can happen in every room of the house, from the kitchen and bathroom, to the garage and bedroom. 


Trick or treat aside, we all know that doing any kind of remodeling can be a little frightening. Yet there are many great reasons not to be afraid of making closets clutter and stress free. A brand new custom closet, or remodeled pantry and shelves, can maximize space with effective makeovers. Halloween costumes can indeed be haunting, but getting a new custom closet or pantry should never be. We can match schedule with budget and get organization everywhere it is needed. 

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Posted: Sep 21, 2017
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Football season is here, and our LSU Tigers and the SEC have become our center of attention one more time as autumn arrives. Many of our area homes, in and around New Orleans, have us parked in the den, family room, media room, or the occasional “man cave” to cheer on our favorite teams. This is indeed the time of year for NFL football, college football, Major League Baseball and more as we head into October. Many local sports fans might not consider a custom closet in the family den or man cave, but a custom closet and other storage solutions can sure be helpful when organizing all of our sports memorabilia and much needed game day necessities.

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Posted: Aug 25, 2017
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With school starting, there will soon be an array of activities every morning as we plan to head out the door. Closet space is usually at a premium in many homes in Southern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. When it comes to storage and closet space, it is important to find answers for just the right preferences. When smart solutions are needed, Louisiana Custom Closets is there to organize every space and make it functional.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help every homeowner with closets that make the most of every space. Shelving, modular systems with cubby storage, and drawers, really help smooth the challenges of organization and storage. Our team of professionals can make it simple to find clothes, towels and anything else that is needed to make getting ready for work and school easier on those busy mornings.

Our experts offer three important reasons to increase closet space in the home:

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Posted: Aug 10, 2017
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Organized closet picture

Summer is speeding by and school will begin again very soon. For most parents, the busy schedule is fast approaching, and now it is time to buy the kids new school clothes. Along with all the favorite clothes, new ones will be bought and the closets will fill up fast. It is a yearly challenge for many homeowners across NOLA, Louisiana and Southern Mississippi to find the organization and the functional space.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help parents with an array of designs and the building of the perfect custom closet spaces so that all the clothes and related items are organized and ready for the fall season. Although it is time to buy new stuff, the question is; where does it all go? Organizing the closets becomes essential and critical, and it is time to select the right closet system that best fits the budget. Our team of experts has the right choices in every situation.

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Posted: Jul 18, 2017
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As more Louisianans start working for themselves, a functional and organized home office has become very important. Working from home and being the boss and the employee, is not an easy job. Being a small business owner or selling on an e-commerce platform can cause paperwork and files to pile up quickly with disorganization.

Having an organized, high quality, and functional home office makes work and life much easier; and Louisiana Custom Closets can help all small business and self-employed homeowners in the NOLA, Louisiana and southern Mississippi region become organized and more efficient. It is all about functionality. Adding the simplicity of pullout shelves, wood drawers and countertops will bring organization and function to every makeover. Owning a business also means being organized plus being within budget. We can custom storage solutions to fit every small business and entrepreneur budget.

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