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4 Great Ways to Simplify Back-to-School from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Jul 27, 2018
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The back-to-school season is almost here and the new school year is about to start for all parents and kids in Louisiana, southern Mississippi and NOLA. This is always a hectic time for every parent for buying school clothes and school supplies, and getting the kids registered for school. The next task usually is how to store and organize all of those new clothes and school supplies.

Louisiana Custom Closets can take the hassle out of the new school year with custom closets and custom storage solutions throughout the home. It is simple to have an organized, clutter-free home this school year, and it starts with our professional design team. Our experts will come to the home for a free in-home estimate and discuss all custom options for the available storage space. After this, we will present the homeowner with several designs to choose from and implement the design.

Here are four great ways to make back-to-school easier with the help of Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Spacious custom closets: Kids today accumulate clothing. From the latest pair of “chucks” to jeans, pants, dresses, and shirts, they have their new and old favorites. An organized custom closet in the children’s bedroom can help take away that morning craziness when getting ready for school. We offer numerous choices for custom closets that include double, triple, and long hanging options; drawers for folded clothes and great storage solutions for shoes like flat shelves, slanted shelves or shoe cubbies.
  • Organized study spaces: Having a disorganized bedroom can affect studying and doing homework in efficient ways. When a child sits down to do homework, it is very helpful to have everything close by and organized without having to look for papers, books, and school supplies. Louisiana Custom Closets offers custom storage solutions with pull-out shelving, keyboard trays, and file storage solutions.
  • Clutter-free entryways: An often-overlooked part of the home is the entrance. The entryway is a great place for custom storage solutions for the school year. An entryway can be used as both a pick-up and a drop-off point for wet shoes, coats and jackets, backpacks, homework and anything else that will be needed quickly before heading back out the door.
  • Custom closet conversion: Maybe there is an extra unused closet in the home. A great idea for these spaces is to turn them into a reading room or an area where kids can study. Add some shelves for books, a desk, and anything else a child would like to store.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help every homeowner make the transition from summer to back to school. Our custom storage solutions will not only make this this fall stress free, but it will also the family all year long.

Call us today at (985) 871-0810 for a free in-home estimate for every storage need. For more custom closet and storage ideas, please visit our photo gallery.