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Posted: May 16, 2022
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Of all the spaces in the modern home, the garage is arguably the worst catch-all. Garden tools and moving boxes get piled up with car supplies, holiday lights, and the occasional lawnmower. 

If you happen to have a smaller or detached garage space, this problem might be even more magnified. You know you have to fit your car somewhere, but you also want to use your garage for storage as well.

Thankfully, your smaller garage isn't doomed to stay a confusing jumble. By implementing some simple[...]

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Posted: Mar 9, 2022
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The garage is one of the most underappreciated areas of the home. Used for storage, tools, and other outdoor items, the garage is essential for New Orleans homeowners everywhere. 

But its ability to hold just about anything is also a drawback: garages are easily some of the most disorganized spaces in the home.

If the time has come to reorganize your garage, these custom cabinet designs[...]

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Posted: Mar 15, 2019
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Rubbermaid Fastrack Garage Storage System LouisianaThe Rubbermaid Fastrack Garage storage system is an entire collection of items that will make garage organization a breeze, even in the most cluttered spaces. Each of the pieces work together to maximize the space available in your garage, as well as provide a designated place for everything, making it much easier to find. There are many different approaches you can take to using this system, depending on what kind of storage is most valuable to you as well as the shape and design of your garage. Here's how the Rubbermaid Fastrack Garage Storage System can help your family stay [...]

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Posted: Dec 11, 2018
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Maybe that heavy gift-wrapped box under the Christmas tree is a new set of tools, or it could be a big box of toys a fun-filled hobby. The presents are being wrapped, coming directly from the North Pole, and all of them create endless possibilities on Christmas morning. These great new holiday gifts will need places to be used and efficiently stored.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help Santa and all his helpers in NOLA, Louisiana and Mississippi with organizing and decluttering any room of the home. Storing what Santa brought is important and places need to be found. Places like the garage, closets, and other storage areas will be better utilized with planning and installation of spaces and places with our clutter cures in every room. Saving space means saving time and money and improving the look of every home.

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Posted: Apr 11, 2018
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Summer is right around the corner across Louisiana and southern Mississippi, and this is the perfect time of year to organize the garage for summertime activities. It is important to take a minute and assess the garage for storage needs this time of year. It is amazing to look at the array of boxes, chairs, automotive supplies and more that is stored there. Places for lawn equipment are always a problem in a cluttered garage. How organized are the camping and fishing gear, bikes, tools, and sports gear? In a garage, everything needs to be in its place for maximum efficiency.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help every homeowner organize the garage this spring. Not only does our team of professional designers create beautiful custom closets for all rooms in the home, we also design and install everything for the perfect garage. Most homes in Louisiana and Mississippi do not have basements, so it is important to organize every inch of garage and outdoor storage.

When a homeowner searches in the garage for the one tool that is needed for a weekend project, it can often take forever to find it when there is clutter and disorganization. No one has to be frustrated with the challenge of outdoor workshops and garage organization. Louisiana Custom Closets can create efficient storage solutions for every situation.

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