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Rubbermaid Fastrack Garage Storage Systems

Posted: Mar 15, 2019
Categories: Garage Storage
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Rubbermaid Fastrack Garage Storage System LouisianaThe Rubbermaid Fastrack Garage storage system is an entire collection of items that will make garage organization a breeze, even in the most cluttered spaces. Each of the pieces work together to maximize the space available in your garage, as well as provide a designated place for everything, making it much easier to find. There are many different approaches you can take to using this system, depending on what kind of storage is most valuable to you as well as the shape and design of your garage. Here's how the Rubbermaid Fastrack Garage Storage System can help your family stay organized.

Sliding Rail

The key component of the Fastrack system is the rail, which you can use not only to mount shelves and cabinets, but also to provide hanging storage for items like shovels, ladders, and more. This rail allows you to make better use of the vertical space in your garage, keeping things up off the floor and away from the dust and dirt that can collect there. If you want to move things around, it's very easy to remount anything with the sturdy rail in place.

Hooks, Racks, and Shelving

Additionally, there is a variety of garage shelving, hooks, and other storage options that you can mount onto the Fastrack rail. These essentially create a designated place for all your garage items, so that you can stay organized even on busy days. Some notable features are both horizontal and vertical bike mounts, storage containers for balls, paper towels, and many other items, and wire shelving, which is a great all-purpose storage solution. They have hooks available for virtually anything you might want to mount, so it's a very versatile system and is easy to rearrange.

Secure Locker Storage

One of the biggest components of the Fastrack system is the locker storage, which essentially functions as a closet for your garage. The locker is durable and can keep your items safe from heat and rain, and it's an easy place to store coats, shoes, and athletic gear that you may not have room for in the house. The Fastrack system offers two garage cabinets - one that attaches to the Fastrack rail, and another larger one that sits on the ground. These lockers are an essential for keeping your gear in great condition.

While this garage system is incredibly helpful as a long-term storage solution, it can be difficult to install on your own. Louisiana Custom Closets offers total garage storage renovations, and we can install the entire system for you quickly and efficiently. We will work with you to determine the best placement of each component, depending on your needs, so that your garage looks great and everything is in its place. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your garage organized.