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Louisiana Custom Closets vs. Home Depot – Here are the Differences

Louisiana Custom Closets vs. Home Depot – Here are the Differences
Posted: Jul 11, 2022
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Custom closets are no longer just a nice-to-have feature. Instead, these beautiful yet functional rooms are a mainstream requirement in any modern home.

While installing a custom closet is simple, choosing the right supplier is not. Who will come out on top when comparing custom closet manufacturers like Home Depot against local creators like Louisiana Custom Closet (LCC)?

No matter the type, size, or style of your next closet, choose a supplier that perfectly suits your needs. Here are the most significant differences between LCC and Home Depot.


Home Depot has costs ranging from $1,200 to $20,000, with floor mount styles costing $135 per linear square foot. This includes labor and materials, although you may need to request a hard quote to be sure. 

LCC makes things easy with a free in-person estimate. This maximizes the accuracy of your final quote, giving you more control over your budget and outcomes.


Home Depot offers customers wall and floor mount styles, with the option to pick between different upgrade categories. These primarily include paint colors and specific accessories.

Home Depot provides closet features like: 

  • Storage racks
  • Mirrors
  • Shelf dividers
  • Rods and hooks
  • Decorative detailing

Many of these features may not be functional in a modern closet. In fact, these limited upgrades may prevent you from getting the best bang for your buck.

On the other hand, LCC provides features designed to add perfect functionality to your space. A few of these custom features are:

  • Jewelry organizers
  • Tie racks
  • Valet rods
  • Drawer dividers
  • Installed cubbies
  • Shoe racks

Additional features include the Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail, a system designed to hold heavy, unwieldy items in various locations.


Home Depot does not go into much detail about its installation process. Their website indicates that installation takes one to three business days on average.

The closet installation process is much more streamlined for LCC, which can complete the process in a day or less. 

Homeowners are alerted well in advance to the team's arrival, with careful attention to timeliness. Technicians strive to leave your home as clean (or cleaner) as they found it, providing extra peace of mind throughout the process.

Best of all, LLC vows to treat your home as its own. Great care will be taken to get your space operational before the end of the day, letting you organize and store in style.

It’s Clear: Louisiana Custom Closets Comes Out On Top

Not only do we provide more accurate quotes with better custom features, but our closet installation process is truly second to none. In addition to our custom closet systems, LCC provides personalized storage solutions for offices, pantries, garages, and laundry rooms. 

Contact Louisiana Custom Closets today to discuss the custom closet space that may be right for you. Call us at 985-871-0810 (Covington), 225-753-3001 (Baton Rouge), or 504-885-3188 (New Orleans). 

You can also fill out this form or visit our main office and factory at 13405 Seymour Meyers Blvd. – Suite #24, Covington, LA 70433.