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Why Lighting is a Good Idea for Your Custom Closet

Why Lighting is a Good Idea for Your Custom Closet
Posted: Sep 13, 2022
Categories: Closet Systems
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Custom closets go well with custom lights. Thoughtfully placed fixtures bring your room to life and bring out the little details, gentle hues, and delicate features of your wardrobe.

Of course, not just any lighting fixture makes the cut. Traditional bulbs and LEDs have their place. But when it comes to your custom closet, choosing something off the beaten path will only compound your flair and personal pizzazz.

Let’s explore why closet lighting fixtures are such substantial investments for custom closets, followed by simple lighting ideas that are sure to give you a “light bulb” moment.

The Benefits Of Closet Lighting Fixtures

There's no reason not to invest in custom lighting. New lighting:

  • is often energy efficient and may even reduce your energy bill
  • requires little maintenance on your part
  • highlights the elegance and organization of your custom space

The results will be invaluable if you work with professionals to select, install, and adjust closet lights.

Closet Lighting Ideas For Every Kind of Closet

Not sure where to start with your custom lighting plan? We've got you covered! Here are some examples. 

Walk-In Closet Lighting

As the biggest and boldest closet in the home, the lighting for your walk-in closet should be stylish, chic, and matched to your preferences. Start by evaluating the different types of lights available to you. 

  • Gallery lights are great for small spaces (or for making a dramatic entrance). 
  • Chandeliers and lamp lighting provide a more regal atmosphere. 
  • Don't forget to add lights to cabinets and cubbies!
  • If you want a touch of grandiosity, consider installing runner or rope lights along baseboards and corners. This visually enhances the size of your closet and assists with late night (or early morning) wardrobe runs.

Reach-In Closet Lighting

Even the humble reach-in closet deserves a lighting update. Regardless of your space, there are a few key ways to bring out your space's color, size, and contents.

These ideas might give you a zap of inspiration:

  • Motion sensor wardrobe lights are simple, stylish, and surprisingly elegant. You won't need to flip a switch to see your clothing, as the gentle light accents the undersides of doors, racks, and hard-to-see areas.
  • Light racks are unique closet clothing racks that house embedded LEDs. Like the above motion sensor lights, these fixtures softly illuminate your clothing without needing larger lights, bulbs, or fixtures.
  • Track lights are similar to the fixtures installed at museums or art galleries. Show off your clothes for the whole world to see!

Even with just a little extra light, your reach-in closet will start to feel far more luxurious and much less cramped.

Louisiana Custom Closets Is A Bright Idea For Your Custom Closet

Custom closets and lighting don’t need to be complicated. At LCC, our experts will suggest the perfect lighting ideas that will complement your closets!

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