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Why Lighting Is A Bright Idea For Your New Orleans Custom Closet

Why Lighting Is A Bright Idea For Your New Orleans Custom Closet
Posted: Dec 4, 2020
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Louisiana Custom Closets Offers Advice For Closet Lighting

There are a lot of factors we want to see present in Louisiana custom closets this year, including plenty of floor room, great rack spaces, and lots of accessory drawers for knickknacks. However, there's a dark horse competitor for the greatest MVP of custom closets, especially within current trends. It's not a sliding barn door or French Gray paint, although both of those things are en-vogue within any custom closet space. And nope, it's not a marble island, desk space, or even large window space either (although you're getting closer!). The true answer might be a lot more obvious than you think!

Lighting is absolutely essential to the creation of any custom space. Not only does light change the mood, color, temperature, and atmosphere of a room, but it has a significant impact on the display of beloved items as well. Show off your clothes and storage spaces with custom closet lighting that is sure to wow your guests!

Reasons To Install Closet Lighting In Your New Orleans Custom Closet

2021 should be a year for sharp custom closet lighting in your New Orleans home. Even small changes or installations can end up making a big difference in your home's general aesthetic, and we have the facts to prove it!

Here's why you should consider additional lighting fixtures in your custom closet space.

1. Lighting Is Quintessential

Lighting is so often underestimated, but so frequently appreciated. Consider establishments such as art galleries, furniture stores, and even jewelry shops. These buildings use the properties of light to enhance their wares and create a mood that puts patrons completely at ease. While you may not want to replicate the exact feeling of an art gallery in your home, you may enjoy trying various lighting types such as ribbon strips, puck lights, and dimmers for dramatic effect. Explore a little and let your creativity run wild!

2. Lighting Sets A Mood

The temperature of light makes a significant impact on the color, aesthetic, and general appeal of a room. Dark or unlit rooms generally appear mysterious, cluttered, or even scary. Bright lights may drown out color, sweeping away the dramatic effects of shadow and contour. When looking to install custom closet lighting, consider the color tones and desired outcomes of your space. Our professionals recommend the use of LED lights for powerful, safe, and energy efficient lighting.

3. Lighting Helps You Organize

Great organization requires great lighting, especially if it's to be done well. The ability to see your clothing, shoes, and accessories while filing them away can make a significant difference in daily life. Ensure that the lighting you choose is properly illuminating the vivacity of your clothing. Skewing too much towards cool brightness or dim illumination will lead to unsatisfactory results.

Get Closer To The Mark With Louisiana Custom Closet

Your custom closet isn't just a place to hold clothing. From displaying precious heirlooms to storing some of your favorite purchases, the closet in your home should be completely matched to your unique style and vision. Find the custom closet lighting that fits your personal aesthetic with some help from the team at Louisiana Custom Closet.

Our professional team understands the nature of your closet lighting needs, employing a host of professional CAD designers and interior decor specialists that help guide you along the blueprinting process. Don't just build a closet -- own your closet. Reach out to the crew at Louisiana Custom Closets to receive a complimentary quote right away.