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What Is The Right Size For His And Hers Closets?

What Is The Right Size For His And Hers Closets?
Posted: Aug 4, 2021
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Worried about how much space is left in your closet? Not sure where you'll put your clothes without selling your partner's? Then we've got an excellent solution for you: His and Hers Closets

His and Hers Closets are extremely sought-after closet designs in America. Offering both style and refinement, these storage spaces provide the perfect marriage between form and function. His and Hers Closets offer space for both household members and provide adequate storage for all items. No more fighting over who gets the top rack and less arguing over cubbies and drawers.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “how large do His and Hers Closets have to be?” The short answer: it depends. The long answer: it depends on your situation and lifestyle needs.

Let's take a closer look at the deciding factors below.

How To Choose The Right Size For His And Hers Closets

To choose the perfect size for your His and Hers Closet, you'll need first to consider the following questions:

  • How many clothes do you have? How many clothes does your partner have?
  • What kind of closet space do you already have? Is it enough for everything?
  • Can you dedicate equal closet space to both parties, or is it not possible?

His and Hers Closets work best for couples who want to share the same room without sharing the same organizational space. This is why walk-in closet designs are always best for His and Hers Closets.


Choosing the right size for your His and Hers Closet must start with a walk-in measurement

  • The typical His and Hers walk-in closet is 7 by 10 feet.
  • Most His and Hers walk-in closets have 100 square feet of usable space inside.
  • His and Hers Closets should be able to fit several racks and accessory drawers, with 24 inches of depth and 36 inches of clearance.

It is important to note that His and Hers Closets do not have to be a mirrored replica of both sides. When building your custom closet, you have full agency to pick and choose particular aspects of the organization for both household members. If one partner prefers more racks than drawers or vice versa, your custom design should reflect this.

The size of your His and Hers Closet should accommodate both party's accessories. Bear in mind that closets do not have to be split precisely down the middle for organizational purposes. If one partner needs more space than the other, and all parties feel comfortable with an uneven split, you could divide the closet space into thirds or even fifths. Remember, the His and Hers Closets were designed to be customized. Choose a size that works best for you!

Louisiana Custom Closets Develops Sizable His And Hers Closets

No matter where you live or how you organize, His and Hers Closets have the potential to upgrade your storage space like nothing else. Your custom closets are virtually limitless in form and function by providing you with personalized space and adjustable storage options.

Louisiana Custom Closets can create adaptable closets for families, couples, and households all over Louisiana, including Covington, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and more. We also serve customers from Mississippi Gulf Coast, Florida Panhandle, Alabama Gulf Coast, and nearby areas.

Learn more about our custom closet offerings by scheduling a free consultation at our Covington office. Call 985-871-0810 to connect with an agent right away or ask some questions about how we can best serve you. For His and Hers Closets to everything in between, LCC has the talent to get things done!