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Time to Organize the Garage for those Cool Southern Louisiana Winters

Posted: Sep 12, 2014
Categories: Garage Storage
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As summer comes to an end and autumn slowly takes over, it will soon be time to put away the garden tools and all the outdoor sports items, and exchange them for all the winter gear we will need. September is the best time to organize the garage to create more space for everything before the cooler weather arrives. Because Southern Louisiana homes usually have no basements or attics, most everything unnecessary is stored in the garage. Why not take the time to maximize space with a new round of organization?

Consolidating everything in the garage will get rid of the typical clutter chaos. Everything can have a place. Imagine a spot just for the gardening equipment; another space for all the hardware, tools and paint, and another area dedicated to waste and recycling. What we are envisioning in both style and design is possible with the guidance our professional team at Louisiana Custom Closets , who will maximize the garage’s great potential with just the right game plan.

Here are five space saving ideas that can make any garage your storage solution:

  • FastTrack mounting system:  This easy mounting system will get items off the floor. Cabinets, lights, and other items can be mounted with this unique system.
  • Specific wall organization:  We will de-clutter the garage by hanging garden items, sports items, and hobby items; each in its own place.
  • Wire shelving:  Place seasonal items in bins and then onto stylish shelves to keep them clean and easy to find.
  • Bicycle hoist:  Bicycles can be lifted off the floor and out of the way. This mechanism is easy to use, even for the kids.
  • Work bench:  The addition of a bench adds functional work space and drawers for even more small storage.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we have an array of space saving storage ideas to give the garage a clean, uncluttered look while keeping everything in its place. Consider this an investment in organizing your peace of mind. The garage can now be an outdoor room ready to be organized in a fun and functional way.

Give Louisiana Custom Closets a call today to visit your garage and create an organization plan specific to your needs. The consult won't cost anything, and everyone in the house will be amazed just how a garage can turn chaos into order.