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Solving Storage Problems in the Home or Office with Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Mar 15, 2014
Categories: Custom Closets
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Louisiana Custom Closets here in Southeastern Louisiana has something to offer in virtually every room in the house or office, not just the closets.  From garages to pantries, hallways to kid’s rooms, our superior custom woodwork and installation skills can turn any house into a home with its own personalized style.

When it comes to storage, the expert team at Louisiana Custom Closets will examine every space and develop the correct solutions that optimize the area for specific needs.  Large to small, any location can be improved by utilizing all available space.

From floor mounted designs that really give your office area or closet that “built in” feel, to wall mounted storage which looks sharp and is simple to use and maintain, the options are endless when it comes to custom storage capability.  Once a client has defined the style and function that fits a specific need and want, our design team can assess the details and add in the special touches that make the space truly functional and unique.

Here are six examples of closet storage upgrades that we offer for a variety of uses:

  • Jewelry: This is an item that many people do not think of keeping in the closet.  With a customized space for these items built in, jewelry becomes easily accessible when getting ready for a night on the town.
  • Designer eyewear and sunglasses: Small cubbies or partitioned drawers can keep all of your eyeglasses organized and ready to wear.
  • Dress, casual, and athletic shoes: Everyone today has several pair of shoes for a wide variety of uses. Keeping them stored and off the floor makes it that much easier to find the right pair for every occasion.
  • Socks: The classic sock drawer can be an ominous and frustrating place to find two pair that match. By having drawers with individual spaces for each pair, socks will stay together.
  • Rotating Mechanisms:  Our team can create a mechanized rotating stand for various accessories to help save storage space and add an extra flare to your closet and storage space.
  • LED Lighting: Modern, cost effective and bright, this is now a very affordable way to take any closet from ordinary to beautiful and stunning.  Aesthetics and ease of use is increased with smart lighting.

There are so many different ways to make a home or office a reflection of personal and professional style!  Call us today to take a look at the space, and start making a plan that fits your needs.