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Quick Tips To Organize Your Closet

Posted: Jul 9, 2010
Categories: Custom Closets
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Louisiana Custom Closets consistently offers tips to make Custom Closets, and here are some more:

1. Start from scratch. That means you need to get everything that's in your closet... out! It's only temporary, but you'll need to pick a day when you can carry every single item out of your closet.

2. Now that you have a clean palette, you need to sort each and every item and place each article of clothing into one of the following piles:

  • Keep for daily wear.
  • Keep for special occasions.
  • Donate or give away.
  • Trash it.

3. If you're like me, to help you decide which pile certain garments belong in, you may need to take the time to try things on -- to make sure they still fit.

If something doesn't fit exactly as it should right now, but you are 100% certain that it will fit fine very soon, then you should put that item in the "Special Occasions" pile.

4. Once each and every item has been assigned to a category, then you need to determine exactly where you will be storing those items earmarked "Special Occasions." One thing's for sure: such items do NOT belong in your closet that's filled with daily apparel.

5. Finally, one by one, carry each item to its respective spot in your new Custom Bedroom Closet:

  • Your closet that is soon-to-be-filled with daily apparel
  • Your "Special Occasion" area (a spare closet, basement, attic, or garment boxes)
  • Bags or boxes for donation to others (Goodwill store, friends, or your local Freecycle group)

TIP: Stick to your guns... Don't talk yourself into switching piles at the last minute. Like with most things, your first instinct is always the best choice! And, don't allow any non-clothing items back in the closet. No suitcases. No vacuum cleaners. No coats. No boxes, bags or linens. These things all belong elsewhere.