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Our Favorite Finds On Magazine Street

Our Favorite Finds On Magazine Street
Posted: Oct 5, 2020
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The Best Shops in New Orleans to add unique life to your custom closet.

The weather may be cooling off outside, but one thing's for sure: there is still plenty of time to take in some of life's more indoor recreational sports!

Exciting holidays and the changing of the seasons are close at hand, and the time for fresh and new home decor has just begun. One of the best ways to revamp your home's seasonal look and support your local economy is to purchase items through nearby small businesses, especially those that provide a stock list much more unique than traditional big-box stores. Here in New Orleans, your best option will be the bustling, bursting sidewalks of Magazine Street. A staple of local shopping and flavor, Magazine Street is perhaps the best known and most loved locale for great food, amazing entertainment options, and gorgeous home decor that can only be found in the heart of New Orleans.

Let's take a look at some of our favorite stores on Magazine Street for home decor, furnishings, and home accessories.

Vision Wood

Proud of their many years of research and inquiry, Vision Wood is a leading consultant of high quality and high versatility wooden objects. From flooring and paneling to decking and furniture, the goal of Vision Wood is to elevate the daily experience of wood in your home. After all, wood craftsmanship is a work of art.

Wood is a huge trend for the 2021 season, and will likely continue to increase in popularity for some time. We love shopping here for eye-catching furniture and chic home decor all year round.


Magazine Street shoppers with a craving for all things trendy will discover the furnishings, custom linens, and accessories offered through Sotre are some of the best on the New Orleans market. Not only are their products some of the highest quality available, but their commitment to toxin-free, sustainable home decorations make your money that much more well spent.

We're suckers for interior design, and the services provided through Sotre are definitely some of the best. If your Louisiana custom closet could use a little pick-me-up this fall, considering some design services may not be a bad idea!


Enjoy blending different styles together to create your own flavor? Us too. That's what puts "perch." at the top of our list for elegant, quirky Magazine Street finds!

Not only does this shop offer window treatments, upholstery services, space planning, and color consultations, but they provide a line of unique items that scream vintage yet contemporary all at the same time. "perch." adds the 'wow' factor in any home or room, even custom closet spaces. If you're looking for something new, "perch." is the right store for you!

Fall Into A New Look With Louisiana Custom Closets

There's no doubt about it: each of the above stores are incredible local businesses that add flavor, fun, and character to any household space.

Every Louisiana custom closet is different, which is why we love the varying styles of items found at our favorite local stores. From Magazine Street to your own backyard, you never know what you might find while shopping in New Orleans!

Once you've got your home decor and furniture in place, it will be time to construct a perfect custom room that pulls it all together. Consult with the design specialists at Louisiana Custom Closets right away.