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Organize that Cluttered Garage for Spring with Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Feb 24, 2014
Categories: Garage Storage
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Throughout the chilly Louisiana winter months, it is easy to sit back and watch the house clutter build up.  Nobody likes to clean in cooler weather, even inside the house!  When it comes to that garage, organizing in cold weather is almost always out of the question.

Most of us spend less time in the garage in the wintertime. If something needs to be done in the garage, we put on the jacket and gloves, and head to the garage to perform each task as quickly as possible; we then immediately retreat back into the house to get warm. With little focus and a lot of hustle, things can quickly be in disarray. Tools and larger utilities often find their way into piles on or around the work benches or deep in the corners. Boxes of decorations or assorted cleaning products line the parameter of the garage, just barely leaving space for the cars and a thin path to the door.  Although all of this is typical off season habit, Louisiana Custom Closets  offers an alternative to the vast winter wasteland we call the garage.

The answer is FastTrack hanging storage systems.

We offer three key benefits of garage storage systems:

  • Open floor space:  With hanging track systems, like the ones Louisiana Custom Closets use in garage systems, the storage is up off the ground. This strategy provides an open feel to the room.  The available floor space can be used for more storage as well, maximizing the space potential of any garage.
  • Easy reconfiguration:  When using the FastTrack system, reconfiguration is a simple process.  Tons of hanger options make it easy to store any item, and repositioning hangers is straightforward. This is especially useful for changing seasons - items can be hung in a need based arrangement so that the garage functions better than ever!
  • No more clutter:  High quality garage storage systems keep everything in its own place.  With so many different hanging options, each item in the garage will have a place for easy find and retrieval. This means no more digging through miscelanneous piles or rummaging in drawers to quickly find what you need. 

It is soon time for the annual spring cleaning.  This year, make an investment that will make life easier for years to come!  Don’t just make those piles neater; have a storage solution installed today and make the garage a place you look forward to using in the future.  Call Louisiana Custom Closets today to have an appraisal of your garage space done before spring arrives.