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New Year's Resolutions For Your Custom Closets: Getting More Organized!

New Year's Resolutions For Your Custom Closets: Getting More Organized!
Posted: Dec 13, 2021
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As we start wrapping things up for a brand new year, it's exciting to look back on the struggles and successes of the past 12 months. Many of us have had our ups and downs, spent meaningful time developing ourselves, and most importantly, achieved some of our previous New Year's Resolutions. But for some of us, there's still one resolution yet to be mastered: the art of organization!


Organization is truly a skill that takes a lifetime to develop. Finding new ways of storing our ever-mounting clutter, new wardrobe attire, and holiday decorations can be extremely difficult. Without the right type of organization system in place, it may feel almost impossible.

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to get more organized, you're not alone! And we're just the folks to help you do it.

Check out these practical tips for getting more organized from Louisiana Custom Closets


How To Organize Your Closets For The New Year


Let's make the next 12 months your year ever! Use these tips and tricks to start on the right foot.

Declutter Your Storage Spaces

If you don't want, need, or like an item in your closet, follow DSG: donate, sell, or give it away! The choice is up to you.

Keep An Organization Timeline

Determine dates for major organizational events well in advance. What days will you perform a deep cleaning? Which weekends will be set aside for major decluttering?

Reassess All Closet Occupants

At least once a month, step into your closet for a full five minutes to evaluate the contents. What items have not been used since your last visit? What boxes or tubs spend more time sitting around than actually in use? Consider moving these items to a different storage area, including the attic, garage, or basement.

Install New Accessories

The storage accessories used around your closets should help -- not hurt -- your organizational style. If you prefer to hang more clothing on racks and bars, consider installing new ones in open areas. Have lots of tiny accessories? It might be good to invest in tie racks, jewelry drawers, or other specialized tools.

If there is no additional room for accessories to be installed or your closet prevents you from finding new solutions, you may want to consider remodeling your closet entirely.

Consider Building Custom Closets

If your closet no longer meets your needs, it may be time to consider getting a total organizational refresh with help from Louisiana Custom Closets Completely restyle, reevaluate, and reinstall the closet accessories that matter to you, all while building in brand-new cubby spaces, lighting fixtures, and so much more.

Louisiana Custom Closets Is Your Best Partner For New Years' Organization

Getting organized is tough, but getting organized in the closet space, you currently have? That's even tougher. With help from the team at Louisiana Custom Closets, you can start your year off right with a host of beautiful designs that are personalized to match your organizational style. Best of all, we can have the entire installation process completed in two weeks or less!

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Make your New Year's custom closets the best they can be with help from the pros at Louisiana Custom Closets. Call our Covington office directly at 985-871-0810, or feel free to send us a message using the online contact form. We can't wait to build the storage space of your dreams!