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Make 2017 Resolutions a Reality with Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Jan 13, 2017
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Happy New Year to all our friends across Southern Louisiana! Everyone in the area has said goodbye to 2016, and many homeowners and local businesses are looking to make the most of 2017. Traditionally, resolutions are the most popular way to set goals and look forward to the year ahead. And it is important to note that every organizational goal is possible, especially with a little help from the experienced professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets.

Our team of professionals offers four great ideas that will make organizing an exciting process for the entire family. We specialize in clutter busting ideas that will make the best of every space:

  1. Get started quickly and get organized: For many people, getting organized is stress reducing and empowering. If decluttering is at the top of your list of resolutions for 2017, let our design team help with the best ideas. Using our collective experience and expertise, Louisiana Custom Closets can help homeowners turn ordinary crowded spaces into extraordinary functional ones.
  2. Home cuisine is always better: There are many resolution-friendly reasons to declutter and reorganize the kitchen and pantry. And they can all save money. It might even improve health and increase everyone’s culinary skills. If this year’s resolution involves spending more time in the kitchen, make it a more inviting place to be by getting it organized. Make the kitchen center stage for entertaining, cooking and cleaning.
  3. Start a small business or pursue new hobbies: Homeowners can maximize the space in their homes by installing custom storage areas and closet solutions. A new home office with efficient storage can become a great place to pursue the resolution to start a new small business or pursue a new hobby; organization is critical. Islands are excellent for unused, large closet spaces where one can create a workspace and store necessary materials in an accessible way. Craft rooms and places to study also need to be clutter free.
  4. Staying fit: Decluttering an extra room and installing functional, customized storage solutions and closet spaces can provide homeowners with an array of opportunity. It could also be perfect for the garage. These spaces are excellent for exercise equipment and other activities that benefit health and weight loss. Items such as bicycles, weights, rollerblades, and safety gear can be stored efficiently and look good too. In the home, create the perfect custom closet space to store commonly-used equipment and more.

2017 is the New Year; it is a fresh start for us all! Declutter and de-stress all at the same time. Call our professionals today for a free estimate, and make this year’s resolution a reality. Organize your home with Louisiana Custom Closets! We make the difference.