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Louisiana Custom Closets: Your Homegrown Business

Posted: Feb 6, 2014
Categories: Custom Closets
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Spring is right around the corner, and it is time for a change!  A brand new custom built closet designed and installed by Louisiana Custom Closets , serving Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. It can be just the thing to put new excitement into your storage needs. We have perfected our craftsmanship over the course of several years, and we continue to bring affordable, custom designed, unique closets to all residences and offices across the area.

At Louisiana Custom Closets we provide the complete package: design, materials, installation, customer service, maintenance, and so much more! And we do it with products and services sourced right here in Louisiana!

We like to keep our business local and homegrown. Our profits stay right here and it benefits our immediate economy. There are so many important reasons to keep business local. Here are three important reasons we keep our business here:

  • The supply chain is local: When buying services from Louisiana Custom Closets, the investment stays right here at home. We get all of our parts and materials from local area suppliers.
  • Servicing and support are local: Since all materials and parts come from us internally or from neighboring businesses, it is easy to service and maintain our products without making phone calls across the globe.  Any time a closet is in need of an adjustment, change or service, we are close by.
  • We completely control the quality: Our finished products and services are the main reasons that we keep everything local. When we source the materials, parts and labor we know exactly what we are getting.  We know everything will line up for the customer regardless of project. We are here making our masterpieces by hand, knowing that what we produce is of the highest available quality.

Now is the time to stop living with insufficient storage. Call Louisiana Custom Closets today. Our superior craftsmanship will give your closet space new life!