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Louisiana Custom Closets vs. Lowe’s: What's The Difference?

Louisiana Custom Closets vs. Lowe’s: What's The Difference?
Posted: Aug 11, 2022
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You're ready to install the closet of your dreams. You just need to pick the right team. It could either be the custom closet team of Louisiana Custom Closets (LCC) or big box stores like Lowe's.

Retail giant Lowe's has been around for several decades. They are a common starting point for homeowners evaluating potential closet designs. However, with a steep price point and no official “custom closet” category, it may be difficult to source the services you need.

LCC’s custom closet installation services are different from traditional big box stores. Not only is the closet installation process an all-in-one affair, but single-day installations and comprehensive design options make the closet of your dreams a tangible reality.

Let’s compare LCC and Lowe's custom closet installation processes, including their prices, offering, offers, and how long it takes to build a closet. 


All installation services from Lowe's require a quote. This may or may not cost extra depending on the chosen third party. Moreover, all installation services only come with one year of standard protection. You may decide to extend this if desired, but it comes at a cost.

LCC provides custom quotes for every client and homeowner. These estimates are guaranteed to be free.

Make a Great Choice with Louisiana Custom Closets. Image of a relaxing room showcasing white cabinets made by Louisiana Custom Closets.Service

Lowe's does not offer an official closet installation service on its website. However, it independently offers various services to build a custom space, like floors, windows, doors, and cabinets. 

These separate categories may rack up the final installation costs and ultimately stretch out the timeframe before you receive your completed closet space.

LCC is one of the oldest and most experienced closet experts in the South. LCC’s closet installation was designed to be quick, clean, and comfortable for everyone.

Our team of hand-picked experts will visit your home on a preplanned date and time, wearing booties and specialized clothing to prevent the spread of dirt or dust through the house. We also clean up after ourselves, meaning you can start enjoying your closet as soon as we leave.

In addition to master bedrooms, we also install closet spaces in garages, pantries, and much more.


Lowe's installation times vary widely. On their website, on average, most cabinet projects take between 4 to 9 weeks. Standard light fixtures take between one and two hours. The company doesn't provide an average timeframe for floorings such as laminate or carpet.

LCC's installation process is both thorough and timely, often completed within one day or less. We inform you of the timeline well in advance and continuously communicate with our clients and their families. 

Make A Great Choice with Louisiana Custom Closets

Stores like Lowe's have their place. But when it comes to custom closet installations, LCC comes out on top. Not only do we offer all-in-one services that are customized to meet your needs. Our one-day installation process ensures your closet is accessible as soon as possible.

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