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Louisiana Attics are Ideal Locations for Home Storage

Posted: Mar 25, 2015
Categories: Custom Closets
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Most homeowners in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi need more storage space than ever, and that space can often be found in the upper floors with lofts and attics. Once these areas are properly insulated and ventilated, custom shelving and storage units from Louisiana Custom Closets will make that space usable and beneficial.

Most people don’t consider the possibilities of attic storage because these areas are usually not properly insulated and ventilated. Unfinished attics are often too warm in the summer season, and many items stored there can be at risk of getting damaged by temperatures. Once an attic is properly redone and maintained, an abundance of available space opens up to give plenty of extra room for seasonal items, clothing, furniture, and much more.

Attics and loft spaces can offer an array of unique options for storage space due to dormers, rafters, and  angled interior walls. Louisiana Custom Closets can turn the area into a large walk-in closet area where items are easily found and readily available. If there’s a window in the attic, homeowners may also enjoy the area as a private retreat to read a book or catch a quiet nap.

Customizing attics and lofts by Louisiana Custom Closets will offer these added features:

  • Wardrobe bags are an easy add-on solution and they can be placed from the collar beam that runs perpendicular to the rafters; special wardrobe items such as suits, special occasion dresses, and other special clothing can be stored in these bags.
  • Hanging shelves can be an excellent addition as well and they can suspended from the rafters for smaller item storage such as knick-knacks, books, and small lamps.
  • Storage alleys which run along the interior walls beneath the dormer make great space for shelves. This area has angled ceilings with little headroom so boxes of various sizes can be stored here. It makes a great space for shoes and even paperwork.

Transforming your attic space into more usable space can be both practical and convenient. Homeowners can always access their attics without going outdoors during inclement weather, and items can be easily hidden out of site leaving tidy and neat living areas.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers a free in-home consultation for homeowners by calling one of the phone numbers listed below. Now is the time to begin the attic and loft change to take advantage of these underutilized areas. Every space counts!