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Is Storage a Guy’s Thing?

Posted: Apr 24, 2013
Categories: Custom Closets
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Storing belongings in a functional and stylish manner takes an understanding of space and a sharp eye for style.  Otherwise, the results can often end up just as cluttered or just as much of an eyesore as what was originally the issue. If you’ve got some ideas for personal or professional  closet or storage space, it may be best to call Louisiana Custom Closets if you want the project to look the way  you imagine it!

This is where Louisiana Custom Closets steps in!  We’ve had over a decade of experience installing custom storage solutions for clients throughout the Greater New Orleans Region and across Southern Louisiana!  We can make your dream closet come to life with any type of material you want, custom drawers and shelving, islands and anything else you could ask for.  We can also design custom storage for your shoes, sunglasses, jewelry or any other specialty items, with rotating racks or LED lighting displays.  Your imagination can become reality at the hands of our team of designers!

There is a common misconception that customized clothing and storage spaces are solely designed and created for the needs of women.  This is truly not the case. Men need to be organized as well. And they  also should have a custom space to keep everything in order whether it be in a bonus room, a garage, a man’s cave,  or even a basement or attic.

Here are five strategies that can personalize a man’s storage space:

  • Glass Front Cabinets - Know what’s in each cabinet while keeping everything protected from the elements.
  • Bar Space - Keep a few glasses and a decanter of your favorite beverage at arm’s reach.
  • Shoe Cubby Wall - Have a unique compartment for each pair of shoes.  From business meeting to running in the park, you’ll have no trouble finding the right shoes for each occasion.
  • Rotating Sunglasses Rack - Make it easy to store and sort through all of your shades.
  • LED Lit Hanging Spaces - Light up your suits, so it’s easier to make the right choice in a hurry.

If you’re seeking a solution to your cluttered closet, look no further!  Call us today and we can start designing the perfect room for you based on what you want, and the space you’ve got to work with.  We can also handle garage organization, pantries, offices, laundry rooms and any other space that needs to be whipped into shape.  Don’t spend another minute in the clutter!