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Iconic Private Closet Trends That Homeowners Simply Can't Miss Out On

Posted: Jan 10, 2020
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Although the 2020 year is just beginning, professional artists in the interior design field are already weighing in on what they know will become some of the most enduring closet trends for the decade. Unlike the previous year's obsession with home decor, living areas, and kitchen appliances, the broad scope of 2020's design trends are more focused on organization, efficiency, and bold statements than ever before.

Closets are rapidly becoming one of the most outdated rooms in the modern home, left behind other members of the decade's late bloomer collection like bathrooms and basements. Not only are closet spaces far more than just a place to hang clothing, but they are the beating heart of the organized household. Following the principles of efficiency and simple elegance, the closet trends for 2020 are rapidly bringing the neglected closet space some much-needed national attention.

Five Of The Biggest Closet Trends In Your Favorite Storage Space

Blazing its own unique path in the interior design field, the closet trends of 2020 are setting up to be one of the most exciting years for interior design in recent history.

1. Go Big Or Go Home

Owning large, bold closets with a plethora of exciting wardrobe options is quickly becoming a designer favorite. Use bright or unusual articles of clothing to show off your unique personality and personal tastes.

2. Going Green Is The New Black

More than ever, sustainable and eco-friendly designs are critical for the modern homeowner's aesthetic. Using biodegradable or environmentally conscious designs, LED lighting, and even a houseplant or two, homeowners are encouraged to find a place for Mother Nature to thrive in their closet space.

3. A Space For Him And Her

No modern closet is complete without a defined Him and Her section, complete with drawers and double racks. This is one of the few closet trends that is predicted to become a necessity for new homes in future years.

4. Many Hats, Many Uses

Who says that your closet has to be just a closet? Convert your storage space into a quiet office, a sitting room, or even a temporary getaway from the usual stressors of life.

5. Bright Lighting And Quirky Angles Are In

One of the most telling aspects of the modern home is the way in which lighting is chosen, measured, and installed. Many new closet systems are equipped with cool or temperature neutral bulbs, including bright LED lights with a range between three thousand to four thousand Kelvins for especially clear results. Fun or unique lighting fixtures, including centerpiece chandeliers or illuminated mirrors, are quickly taking homeowners by storm.

Remember that all of these trends are simply guidelines when beginning to construct a new closet for your home. In 2020, the sky's the limit!

Uncover Your Favorite 2020 Closet Trends With LCC's Skilled Closet Craftsmanship

The first step to truly getting engaged with all the latest 2020 closet trends is to update the storage spaces you already have.

In fact, creating a customized closet space for your home and family is an excellent way to start your new year, and begin to organize your home in a way you never thought possible.

Delivering the highest quality craftsmanship to each of our customers, Louisiana Custom Closets is your local new closet artisan with a passion for making your dreams become reality.

Design the storage space you deserve for your favorite 2020 closet trends by calling Louisiana Custom Closets at one of our offices today.