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How To Organize Your His & Hers Closet in New Orleans, LA

How To Organize Your His & Hers Closet in New Orleans, LA
Posted: Jan 13, 2022
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His and Hers closets were some of the most popular storage designs of the 1980s. Now passing into 2022, the trend is still as hot as ever. Hundreds of people share a master closet with their significant other, with mixed results. His and Hers closets are far more likely to be disorganized than single-member closets. Because disorganization causes more than 80% of household clutter, it's safe to say that traditional methods are no longer working.

Need to find a better way of organizing your His and Hers closet? Let's take a look at ten easy ways to maximize your storage space as a couple.

10 Easy Steps For Organizing His & Hers Custom Closets

Despite how treacherous your closet may look, getting your His and Hers storage space into shape is much easier than it sounds. All it takes is a little time, some pre-planning, and a touch of elbow grease.

1. Declutter Frequently

Clutter in the closet eats up an enormous amount of space. Eliminate miscellaneous objects that have left their original post, looking for ways to free up your precious cubbies and drawers.

2. Designate Space

Make a game plan for your storage space by mapping out selected closet areas. Each of you can pick a side - eliminating any future arguments!

3. Create Deep Storage Areas

Winter boots? Scarves? Infrequently worn ties? Create a deep storage space underneath the bed or in the back of the closet to hold seasonal outfits or accessories for rare occasions.

4. Purchase Label Bins

Store socks, undergarments, and other small clothing in labeled bins over your hanging racks.

5. Capitalize Vertical Space

Install over the door hooks, secondary hangers, and shoe racks to use your vertical space to the fullest.

6. Separate Laundry Bins

If you store your laundry bins inside the closet, be sure to have separate containers for you and your partner. Single bins tend to fill up quickly, leading to a piled mess on the floor.

7. Consider Accessories

Jewelry drawers, tie hangers, and built-in shelves are lovely ways to make the most of your closet space. What's more, these closet accessories can be highly cost-effective as well!

8. Use Multiple Storage Solutions

Drawers, islands, hanging racks, and cubbies should all be used together to maximize your storage capabilities. Never run out of organizational possibilities again!

9. Be Mindful Of Scope Creep

His and Hers closets are all about sharing. Be sure to stay on your side of the closet!

10. Remodel With Custom Closets

If your current His and Hers closet no longer suits your needs, consider getting it upgraded by the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets

Louisiana Custom Closets For A His & Hers Makeover

Whether you're just moving into your new home or looking for ways to renovate, consider making your storage space the best it can be by renovating His & Hers with the folks at LCC. More than 13 years of experience have given us a unique perspective about closet design and installation, with hundreds of five-star reviews from thousands of happy customers. We're proud to serve the New Orleans, Covington, and Baton Rouge areas, as well as:

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Schedule a free in-home estimate to begin work on your His and Hers closet as soon as possible. Submit a contact form to Louisiana Custom Closets, or chat with a skilled technician to book a time slot that works best for you. Your next closet makeover is only a single phone call away!