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How to increase storage for small spaces

Posted: Mar 9, 2016
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Small homes, even though they are quite comfortable to live in, come with their own share of problems. Even though many people tend to prefer small homes in town for the reasonable amount of rent that they would have to pay, what they fail to take into account is the limited storage space. This is because when it comes to storing all the possessions that people have, even the most irrelevant ones become the most prized. The attachment and sentimental value tends to become so much that people do not feel like parting with it under any circumstances. That is why storage actually poses to be quite a grave matter – something which would require your immediate attention. Don't worry, though, Louisiana Custom Closets is here to help you get more space.

Why increasing storage is important

Many people very easily dismiss the idea whenever they hear that they would have to make more space in their already cramped homes. The easiest option that they seem to find is getting a bigger place to live. But that is not always been the most feasible option. This is because moving places is not a piece of cake – it is something which requires a lot of time, effort, and commitment in order to witness the desired results.

That is why rather than complaining about the shortage of space that you have, you can actually implement some innovative and creative ideas in order to increase storage in your home. In this way, not only will you be able to store all your favorite possessions, but you can actually give the illusion of having a more spacious living area.

Areas to increase storage in your home

People often are bewildered about how to increase storage space in their homes. This is because they fail to come up with solutions which they would actually be able to apply. However, there are plenty of smart ways to increase storage. Read on below to find out some of the areas in which you will be able to have more space available to keep your things.


Closets are undoubtedly one of those places where majority of the things are stored. You name it – your clothes, shoes, handbags, and many other things – all seem to be piled up in these tiny spaces. Therefore, in order to increase storage in your closet, some of the options which you can consider are:

  • Wall mounted closet systems. A wall mounted storage system will allow you more space on the floor, and it will be easier for you to vacuum and clean carpeting.
  • Folding and hanging. In case of clothes, you can go with the option of folding your everyday wear. As for your party wear and exclusive clothing, you will be able to hang them in order to protect them from being damaged or wrinkled.
  • Triple hanging. If your ceiling is high enough, you can consider the option of having three hanging levels for your shirts, blouses, and pants.
  • Shoes. There should be a separate storage space for storing your shoes. Therefore, you can consider having different shelves in which you will be able to organize your shoes based on occasion type.
  • Baskets and hampers. To store your dirty laundry, hampers and baskets can come in very handy.


Besides storing your vehicles, garages are also considered to be an excellent place to store your tools and equipment. So rather than storing them all together in a cramped and haphazard manner, it would actually be a better idea to store them in a smart way with a bit of help.

Thanks to the FastTrack mounting system from Louisiana Custom Closets, your cabinets and items will be lifted off the floor, and will help in keeping all your items safe from water and dirt. In addition, the rails have also been designed in such a manner that you would have no problem with re-positioning them.


Having ample amount of storage space in offices is definitely a must. This is because all the important files and documents must be stored and organized in such a way that they would be easily accessible.

  • Built-in storage shelves. With storage shelves built right in to the walls, you will be able to store all your important files in an easy manner. Thanks to the option of getting the shelves labelled as well, you would have no problem at all in finding your desired document.

Take the first step to maximizing your small space - contact Louisiana Custom Closets for a free design consultation today.