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How To Design A Guest Closet For Frequent Hosting

How To Design A Guest Closet For Frequent Hosting
Posted: Nov 9, 2021
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For many of us, there's nothing more satisfying than hosting family over the holidays. As friends and family members prepare to flock to our doorsteps for food, fun, and fellowship, we know there are some key factors to consider.

Bathroom space, bedroom design, and overnight privacy are three essential elements for an excellent overnight stay. But perhaps the most overlooked (and most important) element of modern hosting includes custom storage options. Closets allow long-term guests to store their belongings in a convenient, safe, and practical way. Not only do they keep ungainly items out of sight, but they allow your guests to feel like a part of the family truly.

If you're interested in creating a custom closet space for your guests but don't know where to begin, this article is for you!

Steps For Designing Guest Custom Closets

Let's take a look at the step-by-step process for designing custom closets for frequent hosting.

1. Add Plenty Of Hanging Space

Most guests prefer to hang their clothing rather than leave it crumpled in a suitcase. Free up plenty of closet rack space, and be sure to provide lots of hangers and other accessories for guests to use. It's a good idea to remove unnecessary items or old boxes to create more available storage nooks.

2. Install Drawers & Cubbies

Not all items can be hung from a rack. To help guests find more space for oddball accessories, consider installing pull out drawers or box cubbies to hold various goods. You could also use these storage spaces as a place to house various sundries, from little snacks and toiletries to fresh towels and blankets.

3. Think Outside The Box

Find new ways of creating storage space both inside and outside the closet. Racks and hanging accessories could free up more horizontal space without looking messy. Shoe organizers and other hanging bags make it easier than ever to keep bulky items off the ground. Finally, closet hooks and 'over the door' hangers could keep coats away from chairs, common areas, and other inconvenient locations.

4. Consider Suitcase Space

Go the extra mile for your visitors by including a suitcase storage area within your guest closet. Visitors will have the ability to completely free up space in their room, making the environment feel cleaner, safer, and a lot more like home.

How Louisiana Custom Closets Creates The Perfect Hosting Space

New storage elements and design choices in the guest room will help dated storage spaces look like cutting-edge custom closets. Understanding your guests’ needs will help refine your thoughts, create a plan, and ultimately move forward in confidence. Once you have determined your specific needs, it would be wise to contact a local storage provider such as Louisiana Custom Closets.

Louisiana Custom Closets is a boutique closet design company with nearly 20 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and installation space. We are a proud provider of closet design and manufacturing in the Northshore area of LA, tirelessly looking for new ways to combine practical forms with unique, attractive functions. From updates and remodeling services to brand new constructions, our expert providers have the knowledge you need to revolutionize closets both inside and out.

If your guest closet simply isn't fitting the bill, Louisiana Custom Closets would be thrilled to lend a hand. Submit an online contact form to get in touch with one of our CAD designers, or call our Covington branch directly at 985-871-0810. We're more than industry experts. We're your industry partners! Louisiana Custom Closets has proudly served the New Orleans area, Baton Rouge, Thibodaux, Houma, and La Place for nearly 20 years