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How To Design A Custom Home Office Layout

How To Design A Custom Home Office Layout
Posted: Feb 9, 2021
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Updating Your Lakeview Home For The Future Of Work

As things begin to return to normalcy, we can expect to see a great deal of old things become new in 2021. From the reopening of cruise ships to the rescheduling of concerts, there are going to be quite a few quarantine trends that go the way of the dinosaur.

Not everything that changed over the past year will go away forever, though. Work from home and remote employment has seen record jumps within the past year, and is expected to remain a constant for many years to come. If you spent any time at all working from home this year, you are already familiar with the trend - and have a finger on the pulse of what's to come.

Whether you are looking forward to it or not, remote work may just be the future of employment. At the very least, it will be a very important flex option that will need to be considered throughout your career. As a potential future employee of your own residence, you should start thinking about developing a custom office space for your Southside home.

Lakeview residents have a number of options for installing a custom home office, from remodeling old spare rooms to building brand new additions onto the house itself. This year, build a home office that can accommodate rapid employment changes long before they may occur.

Getting Starting With Custom Home Office Design

When designing an office or work space for your Lakeview home, it will be extremely important to know exactly what you need and where you need it. Keep these important questions in mind before you start to design other office factors:

  • How much square footage do I need?

  • What will my desk setup look like?

  • Do I need special technology integrations?

  • What is my maximum budget?

  • Should I convert an older room or build a brand new one?

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your office space. Take things in small chunks to slowly develop your design goals and plans.

Fitting Your Custom Home Office Into The House

For those who can work from home using a single laptop, home office design can be quite simple. For employees needing certain technology, multiple screens and outlets, or unique hardware, the process becomes much more difficult. This is where the necessity of location comes into play.

If you are considering renovating a room for a custom office space, keep these areas in mind:

  • Corners of the garage

  • Walk-in pantries

  • Laundry rooms with extra space

  • Hobby rooms or guest spaces

  • Areas in the master bedroom

Building a new room for your customized office is an entirely different beast.

  • Allow for enough space to work comfortably.

  • Install unique storage and shelving.

  • Add natural lighting elements or even a view.

  • Look for ways to both accessorize and personalize for your needs.

Not sure where to start with your custom office Lakeview New Orleans LA? LCC can help!

Why Louisiana Custom Closet Is Always The Best Option

From professionally designed CAD plans to free installations by our highly trained team, the folks at Louisiana Custom Closet are your local providers of custom office spaces all over the Southside. We love helping our Lakeview neighbors find the storage solutions they're looking for.

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Don't be caught off guard again. Develop a custom at-home office space for the future of work!