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How to Declutter and Organize Hallway Closets

Posted: Jun 22, 2016
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Some of the most convenient areas of the house in Louisiana are closets and closet space. Interior closet space can function and be useful in many important ways; as an instant hideaway for toys, coats and shoes before company arrives for example. Yet, when designed and customized for functionality, closets offer great storage solutions for a wide variety of items from coats to hobby materials.  Unfortunately families often misuse and often clutter closet space, and they quickly become messy areas for everything from sports equipment to seasonal decorations.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers the local professional team to assess closet spaces for optimal organization. Whether it is a larger or smaller area, our design team can provide an array of options for storage solutions that maintain a level of amenity and convenience. Everything aligning completely with the homeowner’s needs and preferences.

Louisiana Custom Closets recommends six important considerations to help improve functionality and appearance, while reducing closet clutter and disorganization:

  • Identify the closet’s purpose: It is important to narrow use and purpose down to better determine the best approach for organization. For example, will the closet be used for seasonal item storage or linen overflow?
  • Purge and donate: Before reorganizing the space with functional solutions, it is important to reducing the amount of items stored.
  • Consider the space and location: This is an important step in storage reorganization. Assess both floor and wall space, and note ceiling height.
  • Utilize floor and wall mounts: Built-in solutions are great for organization. Wall mounted systems may be perfect for vacuuming and carpet cleanup. We offer diverse options, from flat to angled shelves; and cubbies can also be considered to organize small items and shoes.
  • Assess the functionality of folding versus hanging coats, jackets, and clothing: If the space is used for linen or excess clothing, consider both folding and hanging options. We offer closet organizers that allow for double, triple, and long hanging items that can provide maximum, useable space.
  • Add an array of drawers:  Some homeowners want a more luxurious look and feel in a closet. Drawers are an ideal way to do this in an organized manner.

There are endless options available when it comes to organizing closets in a beautiful and functional way. Transforming a messy hallway closet into a neat and efficient space makes it all worthwhile. Contact Louisiana Custom Closets today!