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Holiday Decor Storage Solutions

Holiday Decor Storage Solutions
Posted: Nov 20, 2020
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Custom Closet

Decorating for the holidays is always an exciting affair, but putting things back into after the holidays? Definitely not so exciting.

We understand that around the holidays is tough, and it can be even tougher when tight deadlines and busy weekends fill up your calendar. Storage under the bed is completely spent. Attics and crawl spaces have hit their limits. Worst of all, the outdoor shed is full to bursting with holiday lights, wreaths, and artificial Christmas tree boxes.

That leaves only one more space: the closet. Closets are the lifeblood of your organization, and during the holidays, these indispensable rooms are the forerunner to clean and organized homes after January 1st. Investing in a custom closet may be one of the most important decisions you make this winter.

Holiday Decor Storage Solutions For Custom Closets That Really Work

There are thousands of ways to organize your home for the holidays, but only a few methods will actually make a difference. With some proactivity and a little elbow grease, storing away winter decorations in a custom closet will be easy as pie.

  1. Install accessory drawers to hold important winter decoration options, especially cherished heirlooms or conversation pieces that you want to protect. Glass ornaments, Christmas keepsakes, and other fragile objects could be kept in bubble wrap and set into a specific drawer or accessory holder in your closet. Not only will this protect the things you love most, but it will make storing your holiday decor simple and fancy free.>

  2. Use clear tubs in order to see the outlines of holiday decor without needing to open the box. These tubs can be stacked and stored up high on a wide shelf to prevent cluttering the floors. For faster access, consider building a customized 'holiday storage area of your closet using some CAD designed blueprints at Louisiana Custom Closets.

  3. Tubs and plastic bags are not always the best solution for more unique holiday decor, such as wreaths and door signs. Add more hanging space to your closet with Rubbermaid Fasttrack technology, clipping and removing decorations as the need arises. Plus, you can enjoy your seasonal decor all times of the year!

  4. Invest in concrete tubing as a compact method of storing artificial trees. This is a much faster and long-lived storage solution, especially where closet space cannot be burdened with additional boxes. Tubes can be rolled underneath beds, hidden under clothing racks, or packed into the corner for easy retrieval.

  5. Purchase a see-through garment bag to hang wrapping paper and other seasonal crafts from your closet rack.

These storage solutions make organizing your holiday decor a snap, but if your closet is already full to the gills, another solution will be necessary: investing in a custom closet!

Let Louisiana Custom Closets Create The Closet Of Your Dreams

Storing holiday decor in your closet may seem like wishful thinking, especially where you live now. Smaller spaces, tight shelves, and thinner dimensions could be keeping you from making those holiday storage dreams come true.

Personalized storage solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets are your best option for holiday organization. Our team is fully prepared to serve you with one-on-one attention, custom designs, a swift installation, and much more.

Ready to move forward with the holiday storage solution of your dreams? Schedule a consultation for a custom storage or closet space with Louisiana Custom Closets today. Getting a Louisiana Custom Closet is only a call, click, or consultation away. We make life simple, always. Let's develop a holiday decor solution today!