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Give the Joy of Clutter Cure This Holiday Season

Posted: Dec 7, 2016
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The Christmas Season has made it to Louisiana, and it is an exciting time of year as family and friends gather and holiday music spreads Christmas cheer. Amidst the excitement of the season, stress can challenge the holiday spirit. There is so much to do. For example, one challenge of the holidays can be finding a loved one that perfect gift. Fortunately, clutter cure and home organization from Louisiana Custom Closets are gifts that can benefit almost everyone.

The professional team at Louisiana Custom Closets can help with the perfect gift of an organizing project for the holiday season. There’s a storage solution for everyone:

  1. The yardwork and workshop enthusiast: For those hard workers who love being outdoors on the weekends and building things, an organized garage is a must-have. From mounted cabinets to rails and accessories, items can be properly stowed and easy to access when needed. Everything will have a place and a space, from lawnmowers to rakes. Garage organization can make the outdoor hobbyist very happy. Working in and around the garage and the yard will be so much easier with increased storage space.
  2. The crafts lover: For family member who frequents the local Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, and loves making and creating things, the gift of functional indoor work space is a great gift. Installing an island in a walk-in closet or work room can give the craft lover an organized space to store materials as well as a functional surface do crafting and scrapbooking.
  3. The home office entrepreneur and student: Organizing the home office can be helpful for those people working and studying at home. The creation and design of a new workspace will make them so happy. Install customized file solutions to keep track of bills, warranties, receipts, and important paperwork. The experts at Louisiana Custom Closets can make a home office functional and organized, making it more enjoyable to use.
  4. The baker and chef: Wasting time searching for ingredients can be frustrating, especially for those who frequently enjoying baking and cooking daily and even serving those holiday special meals. For the baker or cook in your life, creating pantry organization will save time and energy. Adding wine and spice racks for storage is an epicurean idea! Organize the platters and pans in personal culinary style. Make that pantry the most functional it has ever been. Rolling carts, work tables, and multifunctional work stations will make cooking and eating most special experiences.

Gift all those loved ones with special talents and it will truly be the December to remember! It is all about style and organization. Call our room and closet transformation experts at Louisiana Custom Closets today for customized, high-quality storage solutions. We offer free estimates; so cure your clutter woes and have a joyous Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!