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Get Ready to Store All Your Holiday Decor Back in the Garage

Get Ready to Store All Your Holiday Decor Back in the Garage
Posted: Dec 15, 2022
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The holidays are finally here—and so is the peak of decorating season! While all the fun and cheer are still fresh in our minds, we must remember that even the holidays come to an end. This includes packing and stuffing our beautiful Christmas decorations back into the garage.

Packing up after Christmas is a surefire way to lose the holiday spirit. But rearranging the garage post-holiday season doesn't have to be a drag—with the right storage solutions, that is!

Come along as we explore the most efficient ways to store, pack, and organize your holiday decorations. Let's explore five of the best storage solutions for post-holiday garage organization.

1. Organize Your Storage

The more organized your holiday decorations are, the easier they'll be to pack away. You'll want to consider the following:

  • Purchasing the right bins for every type of decoration. Color-coded totes are a great solution.
  • Putting labels on everything. Be sure to put labels on the outside of your totes. This way, you can check what's inside at a glance.
  • Purchasing in-tote dividers. These will protect sensitive items from getting crushed, bent, or warped.

Don't be afraid to splurge on better storage tools. You and your sanity will thank you!

2. Declutter By Donating

Has it been a while since you've put those ornaments on the tree? Is it hard to justify the space for that worn-out yard reindeer? It's time to consider donating your decor to someone who can use them. 

Goodwill is a common post-holiday catch-all for donated decorations. You could also bring items to thrift shops, sell them at yard sales, or otherwise gift them to friends who might like them. 

3. Understand Your Limitations

It will help if you distinguish between items that can be stored in the garage and items that need more special attention. For example:

  • Fabrics (stockings, tree skirts, and tablecloths) should be kept inside.
  • Plastic, metal, wood, and stone can be kept in the garage.
  • Glass, cardboard, or candles are iffy; follow your own discretion.

Remember: if you don't feel good about it, don't do it!

4. Pack Boxes Methodically

Make next Christmas just a little easier by packing boxes the right way. This means:

  • Putting heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top
  • Filling empty spaces with towels or paper
  • Using bubble wrap to protect sensitive items

Don't forget the tape!

5. Rehash Your Garage Organization

Your packing might not be to blame if you're constantly running out of space around your Louisiana garage. In fact, it might just be your garage!

It takes a great deal of vertical space to accommodate holiday decorations, and if you're ready to spend less time packing and more time playing, the team at Louisiana Custom Closets may be able to help.

Try Louisiana Custom Closets For Better Garage Storage Solutions

Louisiana Custom Closets has everything you need to enhance your garage storage space. From shelving and cabinets to racks and drawers, it's never been easier to store your holiday supplies. That's a guarantee!

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