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Garage Wall Shelving Ideas For Smaller Homes

Garage Wall Shelving Ideas For Smaller Homes
Posted: Aug 11, 2022
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Organization is key to an easily navigable space, whether you own an attached garage or a separate building. This includes the addition of garage wall shelving, allowing you to hang, store, rack, and organize items methodically.

But if your garage space is a little less than roomy, you may find it difficult to customize the shelving that fits comfortably. What can you do to keep storage from impinging your movement, your remaining space, and even your vehicles?

Thankfully, a workaround for small garage spaces is neither complex nor expensive. If you're willing to get creative, your storage possibilities could be limitless. Here are three basic types of garage shelving options.

Vertical Garage Shelves

Racks are a great way to store awkward items without reducing the capacity of your garage. By lining the walls with less frequented items, you could free up more space for the things you love.

Start with some of these suggestions:

  • Hang a linear wire basket for items like basketballs, toys, and other small units.
  • Use hooks and brackets to hang bicycles directly on the wall—no more leaning against walls and taking up floor space!
  • Install a Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail to get the most utility out of a smaller garage.

Learn more about vertical storage by calling Louisiana Custom Closets (LCC).

Overhead garage Shelves

Sometimes, the best way to store items in your garage is to keep them on eye level. Horizontal shelves do take up more space than vertical ones, but their simplicity and utility cannot be denied.

There are several ways to go about this:

  • Install cabinets of various sizes. Smaller shapes may be perfect for car wash supplies, chemicals, and other outdoor products, while floor-to-ceiling cabinets are great for larger tools.
  • Add cubbies. Cubbies provide both closed and open storage, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Design shelves. The humble wire shelf always has a place in small garages. Consider installing corner shelves to make the most of your storage.

Keep in mind that all shelves, cabinets, and overhead storage options from LCC are more durable than any competitor.

Miscellaneous Garage Shelving Ideas

Not all garage storage ideas fit in a box. Below are a few less common (yet fully functional) ideas for small spaces:

  • Build a workbench. By adding a simple work surface, you can turn your garage into a makeshift workshop—complete with pullable drawers and storage nooks.
  • Install a pegboard. Pegboards are an attractive way to organize smaller items.
  • Add a wall-mounted table. Create a level surface that can be stored flush to the wall, then unlatched and used as a table.

Contact LCC if you're willing to explore additional garage storage options.

Turn to Louisiana Custom Closets for Custom Garage Shelving

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