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Four Ways to Create Effective Garage Organization

Posted: Jan 15, 2016
Categories: Garage Storage
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The Holiday Season is officially over, and with it comes the annual question of where to put all of those new Christmas gifts and additional decorations. Most Louisiana homes have no basements or attics, so most everything seasonal is stored in other places, and that often includes the garage.

As with any major storage problem, consolidation is the first consideration. It is important to designate a location for each item grouping within the garage’s available space. For example, gardening equipment, balls and toys, bikes, seasonal decorations, off season apparel, and recycling are all good storage categories. It is very easy to get overwhelmed when trying to find a place for everything; which is why we recommend our professional team at Louisiana Custom Closets makes a visit to your home to share a free no obligation design and advice consultation.

Louisiana Custom Closets’ Design Specialists offer four popular garage organizational tips that save both space and money:

  • FastTrack Mounting System: This simple and easy mounting system will not only get items up off the floor but also can be easily customized or re-positioned, creating a useful, flexible, storage space.
  • Work Bench: Functionality is very important and a work bench provides a useful work space. It also helps keep garage clutter to a minimum with adjacent space available for both tools and related materials.
  • Wire Shelving and Clear Bins: Placing items in wire shelving and clear bins allow ease of association and visual assessment when looking for objects shelf by shelf. Garages need as much hassle-free storage as possible.
  • Specific Groupings: Storage solutions always involve organization where every item has a purpose and place. Although this sounds relatively easy and simplistic, the reality is that definable storage by category creates effective space management that is stress-free to clean and maintain.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we offer the latest space saving storage ideas to keep the Louisiana garage clean and clutter free with everything in its place. The garage can now be a usable and truly functional space, ready to be organized in a fun and purposeful way, with ample area for cars and other transportation. Give Louisiana Custom Closets a call today to assess garage space and help develop effective custom organization strategies. When it comes to storage, we make the difference.