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Four Key Benefits for Orderly Garage Storage with Louisiana Custom Closets!

Posted: Aug 8, 2013
Categories: Garage Storage
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Mild late summer evenings and early fall days have always been the best times to get work done in the yard, or in the garage and driveway.  Between yard maintenance and working on cars, boats, motorcycles or lawnmowers, there’s a constant array of tools and equipment moving in and out of your garage space!

Organization is essential and keeping everything in order in the garage or workshop can be difficult, especially when different tools are needed. Everything gets moved around depending on the task at hand.  This constant shuffling of tools and equipment can create major storage issues, if not managed  and  arranged with an efficient and effective system.

Here at Louisiana Custom Closets, we do a lot more than just build luxury custom closets and accessory storage spaces.  We also design and install organizational systems for workshops and garages!  We employ the Rubbermaid FastTrack mounting system to provide optimum versatility and adjustability for all your storage needs.

Four key benefits of having a FastTrack garage system installed by Louisiana Custom Closets are:

  • It helps keep everything organized!  The FastTrack system is the best way to keep every tool in order when it comes to garage and warehouse storage.  With mounting attachments available for just about every tool or piece of equipment, nothing will be left piled on the floor or placed in a corner!
  • It creates space!  Once everything is off the floor and in its place, garages suddenly seem bigger and less cluttered in appearance. Getting the work done and locating the right tool is easier than ever when organized.
  • It’s adjustable!  As seasons change, the availability of each item in a garage or workshop changes too.  The FastTrack mounting system is designed to allow simple reconfiguration, so that the things you need are always where you need them!
  • It’s Easy!  The simplicity of this design takes the difficulty out of garage storage.  Everything will have a place, and be available when needed.  Without the hassle of searching cabinets and tool boxes, a lot of time is saved.

If these four benefits make sense for your garage space needs, don’t hesitate to call Louisiana Custom Closets today and schedule an assessment of your garage space.  Your work area will be organized and orderly in no time!