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Five Easy Steps for New Storage Space from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Apr 13, 2017
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Now that Easter is fast approaching, it might be time to increase storage space in the home and garage. Families get bigger; kids grow older and need larger closets and storage needs. The pantry and laundry room might need to be enlarged, and extra space might be needed in the garage for off season and recreational items. Our professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets can design and implement additional storage space for the whole family. It is time to declutter for summer.

Louisiana Custom Closets uses an array of plans to enhance and expand storage solutions for homes and buildings. Our professional design team has remodeled spaces and closets in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi for years.

In five easy steps, Louisiana Custom Closets can provide convenience, style and storage functionality:

  • Free consultation:Our design team will come to the house and discuss desired outcome to increase closet or storage space.
  • Out with the old: Our expert installers will remove the old systems and make any necessary repairs to surfaces before the new installation takes place.
  • Installation of the support system: Next, we will install storage systems that are built to last. As needs change, rail hanging systems, for example, can be easily reconfigured based on need. Hanging partitions and crossbeams can also be added.
  • Building the new closet and storage space: All the new shelving and components will be quality checked for accuracy and fit. Once assessed, building the new organized storage solution will begin with both quality and skill.
  • Finishing Touches: Once the new solution is built, our team will clean all surfaces and vacuum the work area.

As this five-step process is completed, a new functional and expanded closet or storage space is ready to use.

Louisiana Custom Closets has offices in Covington, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. Stop by one of our offices or give us a call to schedule that first step: a free in-home consultation. We bring quality products to area homes that create comfortable and beautiful storage spaces for the whole family. It is time to get organized and we have the clutter management strategies for home and business. Please give us a call.