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Find the Right Closet System with Louisiana Custom Closets!

Posted: Jun 7, 2013
Categories: Closet Systems
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One “must have” that many people here in Louisiana would love to own, is a custom designed hardwood closet.  Custom closets are a joy to have, and a beautiful hand-crafted hardwood closet interior is an object of beauty to be marveled at and appreciated for its looks and functionality.  If a custom designed closet system is what is needed, Louisiana Custom Closets is the number one team in Mississippi, Southern Louisiana and especially the New Orleans area to design, construct and install that dream closet!

For the hard working budget-minded household, closet systems are becoming the most popular way to utilize space.  If you’re trying to decide which closet system is best, Louisiana Custom Closets has something to offer that won’t break the bank, and will still provide the functionality and organization that a hardwood closet delivers for decades to come.

Optimizing the space of any room, especially closet spacer, by utilizing every square inch of available storage is what Louisiana Custom Closets does best!  And if you’re not looking for a custom hard-wood closet installation, but could still use help with storage, the Newell Rubbermaid wire shelving option may be the best answer.

Here are three advantages that wire shelving can provide a closet or storage space:

  • Take control of the space!  With multiple hanging and shelving options, wire shelves allow versatile storage for clothing and other items. In pantries or hall closets, wire shelves make the best of space with strong, functional shelves to hold canned goods, board games or anything else that needs a place.
  • Free slide hanging system. The FreeSlide shelf system from Rubbermaid allows hangers to move freely, no longer constrained by the shelf supports.  Clothing moves from wall to wall without hassle, making sorting and organization much more simple.
  • Double hanging and long hanging configurations.  Multiple and variable designs for closet system configurations allow for a customized storage solution for each room, and each specific need.  Long hanging shelves for suits, slacks or dresses are a must, and double hanging configurations can make the most of a closet space.

For any room in need of a storage solution, Louisiana Custom Closets has the experience and ability to turn the smallest room into an efficient storage space.  Call today for an appraisal of any space, and start feeling the relief of organization!