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Fast Track Your Garage with Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: May 9, 2013
Categories: Custom Closets
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Here in Southern Louisiana, we have a lot of heat and humidity, especially in the good ole summertime!  When it comes to daily storage, there is a great need in this region of the country to keep things neat and organized. This helps discourage the growth of mold or any other unwanted organisms.  This concern is especially important when it comes to garage storage!

Garages can be damp and often dark places - a perfect environment for mold to spread. If there is yard equipment that often gets wet, such as hoses, shovels, rakes and mowers; the need is critical to create proper storage to keep things dry and not piled up in wet corners or along the walls. The best solution is an array of hanging storage, and Louisiana Custom Closets is the best company to organize your garage equipment. With the installation of a custom hanging storage system, things are off the ground and organized.

The Rubbermaid FastTrack storage system is a versatile solution to all utility storage needs!  From hoses to extension cords, bicycles to leaf blowers, FastTrack has a specialized hanger or rack to meet every need.  With multiple level FastTrack rail systems, storing long items like rakes and shovels is no trouble at all.  Mountable cabinets and shelves combine to make this system the most variable and functional organization system available for all garage utility storage.

Not only are there plenty of options available, but Louisiana Custom Closets can make storage cabinets and shelves to fit any specification!  Using the FastTrack system, the custom cabinets you choose are mounted off the ground and out of the danger of water damage or other harm.  Tools, paint, decorations and those miscellaneous coffee cans filled with screws, bolts and nuts fill the custom cabinets that are now easily accessible at eye level for every purpose.

The benefits of the FastTrack system are endless:

  • Off the ground!  Keep things neat and accessible, not in a pile!
  • Versatile!  Nothing will be left without a place.  With so many mounts to choose from, there’s a place for everything.
  • Adjustable!  As storage needs change, so will the system.  Moving things around is a breeze with the clip-in, clip-out function of the mounts.
  • Organized!  No more digging around in a cluttered corner looking for things that have been stored away since last season!  FastTrack makes life easier!

No one needs to make garages any damper and darker!  Lighten things up with a new look of awesome organization! Call us today to get your system installed, and start living simpler!