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Does Your Kitchen Pantry Have Enough Storage?

Does Your Kitchen Pantry Have Enough Storage?
Posted: Jun 14, 2023
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For the baker, the foodie, and the aspiring chef, the pantry is one of the most important rooms in the house. Not only does it store many spices and ingredients, but it brings back lovely memories of spending time in the kitchen.

But not everything about our pantry brings happiness all the time. In fact, a messy pantry leaves us with a nagging question: is our space too small, or is our organization off?

Kitchen pantries usually feel smaller and smaller as our cooking repertoire grows. As you look for solutions or consider alternatives, you may find yourself debating whether you need a kitchen cleanup or new custom pantry shelves.

How can you decide which path to take?

It all starts by asking good questions.

1. How Much Pantry Space Am I Currently Using?

The average kitchen pantry is 5' by 2'. But for many Americans, space is much tighter than that. Some of us contend with tiny shelves in the kitchen or use converted closets for extended storage.

If your current pantry (walk-in or otherwise) is smaller than 5' by 2', you may want to consider upgrading your space with better storage or custom pantry shelves.

2. Are My Food Prep Habits Going To Change Soon?

How many people do you cook for in a day? Two? Three? Six or seven?

If your house is home to two or three people, an additional organization may help with your food storage. However, households with four or more members will likely need expanded kitchen storage.

3. Do I Have Enough Shelf Space For Proper Organization?

This is a simple question with an even simpler answer. After all, you need decent shelf space to hold the items you buy every week.

Currently storing everything on a shelf? You may just need reorganization.

Storing items on the ground or stacked on top of one another? You probably need to get custom pantry shelves.

4. Should I Replace My Kitchen Pantry?

If you want to replace your pantry altogether, you need to consider your options:

  • Consider a full pantry remodel: This is the best way to overhaul your pantry and ensure desired results ultimately. There are different kinds of pantry to choose from.
  • Take back a room: You can turn a closet, basement, or cellar into a supplementary location for food storage.
  • Steal some space: Add shelves between studs, install a freestanding pantry, or turn unused kitchen corners into open shelving areas.

Remember: reorganization is not the same as optimization. Moving your pantry to a different location or making do with what you have can be helpful in some cases. But it can’t optimize your pantry with better shelving, space, or organizational accessories.

If you want to just “get by” for a time, you can annex space in your home. But if you’ll get a custom space with storage that can meet your needs for decades, you should contact the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets.

Let Louisiana Custom Closets Create Custom Pantry Shelves For Your Home

Some pantry problems have a relatively simple fix and require just a few extra shelves. Others, however, are more than skin deep and require an overhaul of your entire space. Either way, the path forward is clear: partnering with a professional to enhance the efficiency of your kitchen pantry. And the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets would love to be a part of your journey. 

If there's one thing LCC has learned after 20 years in business, it's that no two pantries look exactly alike. We take great pride in developing fully customizable kitchen storage spaces for homeowners in Covington, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, LA, as well as in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi

Reach out to our experts about a free home estimate or call us at (985) 871-0810.