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Designing His And Hers Custom Closets In Metairie LA

Designing His And Hers Custom Closets In Metairie LA
Posted: Mar 5, 2021
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Louisiana Custom Closet Explains How To Make A Shared Closet

Just like people, no two closets can ever be the same. Unlike people, however, custom closet spaces have the opportunity to be updated or even changed at a moment's notice.

The beginning of 2021 is the perfect time to redo your closet space, especially with the recent uprise of shared closet spaces. Not everyone has the extra space necessary for building a new closet into their homes, but the ability to renovate and rejuvenate any preexisting closets remains a fun and budget-friendly way to kick off the new year.

Simply Googling 'custom closets Metairie LA' may provide you with some pictures of popular his and hers closet designs, but it won't necessarily offer you the practical advice or knowledgeable information that a professional could.

As an industry leader in the custom closet space, Louisiana Custom Closet understands the hurdles and pitfalls of the initial custom closet design process. We want to extend our knowledge of designing his and hers custom closets to anyone interested in unique couple storage solutions for the Southshore area.

3 Types Of His And Hers Custom Closet Spaces

The biggest obstacle confronted by those looking to build his and hers closet spaces has to do with personalization. How do you make individual spaces flow together? This is more problematic during a home remodel or reorganization. After all, how do you turn a simple reach-in closet into a boutique custom closet space for two? You might be surprise just how far a little innovation and elbow grease can go.

Here are a couple of trending ideas for how to design his and hers closets for your Metairie LA home.  

Reach-In Closets

Often called 'regular' closets, reach-ins are some of the most common types of closet spaces used today. These closets can only be accessed by hand, and cannot be walked into. Small and compact, it will take some clever thinking to renovate a reach-in for two people.

Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets are extremely popular home additions that allow homeowners to literally walk inside and pick out, try on, or model their current wardrobe. As you might imagine, walk-in closets are very easy to adapt or modify into a his and hers closet space.

Shared Closets

The shared closet is a type of storage space built between two different bedrooms. These are very common in older homes, and are often seen placed between children's bedrooms or guest areas. Spaces like these provide a lot of opportunity for unique design touches and decoration.

How To Design A His And Hers Closet

Now that we've walked through the types of closet spaces, we can begin the process of designing a shared storage space.

  • Determine which items should stay in the closet, and remove anything that doesn't fit.

  • With your partner, choose the accessories and built-in shelving that will accommodate both your needs and your space.

  • Consult with a closet professional to develop CAD designs of your plan. Be open to new ideas as you and your partner navigate the initial planning process.

Start Redesigning Your Custom Space With Louisiana Custom Closet

Louisiana Custom Closet is dedicated to providing affordable his and hers custom closets Metairie LA. If you're looking for solutions in your Southshore home, we may be able to help. Reach out to our team now for help scheduling an initial CAD appointment today, or connect with us online using one of the chat options offered on-site. We don't just build custom closets. We build memories that last a lifetime.