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Decluttering Ideas for 2018 from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Dec 21, 2017
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Here comes 2018! All across southern Louisiana and Mississippi, the New Year is right around the corner. The holidays are always extremely busy, with all of the family and friends over to visit; and of course, with all the great cooking and Christmas meals, it is a time filled with fun and great memories. Unfortunately, ‘tis the season when many homeowners find that the old pantry needs more space and less clutter. An unorganized kitchen can indeed be a challenge over the holidays. Finding everything needed for festive occasions can take much more time when there is disorganization, and it certainly can delay entertaining.

An unorganized pantry can really complicate Christmas and New Year’s dinners. We all want to start 2018 with more organization. Bedroom closets and many times, the home office, can also be top priorities as we head to the New Year. If one of the resolutions is to become more organized, Louisiana Custom Closets can certainly help.

Our team of professionals offers three timely ideas to start off the New Year right:

  • New and organized kitchen pantry: After the stressful holiday cooking season, make a New Year’s resolution to have a functional and organized kitchen pantry in 2018. A redesigned and truly functional kitchen pantry can make cooking and entertaining much easier and more enjoyable as we all head to spring.
  • Clutter-free home office: Working from home is not always simple. Looking for paperwork and files can become stressful and a real time-waster if there is clutter and disorganization. Louisiana Custom Closets can design and install customized filing storage solutions for any home office.
  • Closet makeover: Whether it is the bedroom, the hallway, or the entry way, an organized closet is perfect for the New Year. From long-term storage, to hanging garments or folded clothing, having a closet system that everyone can depend on will make life less complicated.

Let Louisiana Custom Closets organize the New Year and make things budget friendly and more efficient. Beginning 2018 with organizing the home and getting rid of clutter. It will really start the year off right.

Louisiana Custom Closets serves homeowners in NOLA, Louisiana and Mississippi. Our designers offer free in-home estimates. We can come to every home and design the perfect organizing solution based on individual wants and needs. Call us below and visit our photo gallery for more solutions for clutter and storage management.

From our team to your family, Happy New Year from Louisiana Customer Closets!